Don't Let the Ground Be Your Bed, Pick The Best Camping Cot for a Comfortable Night's Sleep

This post goes through the best camping beds for a comfortable night's sleep, including why it's so essential and how to pick one that will keep you snug no matter where your travels take you.

Looking for a more comfortable camping experience?

A good night's sleep is essential when you're out there in the wilderness. That's why we've put together this review of the best camping beds, available on Amazon today. We'll help you find the perfect bed for a more restful trip.

With one of these beds, you'll be able to get a good night's sleep no matter where you are. Whether you're out in the wilderness or just taking a break at your campsite, these beds will make sure that you're well-rested and ready to go again.

Read along to find the best camping bed for you & purchase them today!

How We Picked The Best Camping Bed

When you go o, one of the most important things is to have a good night's sleep. But it can be hard to find a comfortable place to sleep outside.

Camping can be so much fun, but trying to get a good night's sleep in an uncomfortable sleeping bag or on the ground is no fun at all.

After reading through thousands of user reviews and spending hours researching the best camping cots, we have compiled a list of the best camping beds for you. Whatever your requirements or your style are, we've got you covered.

We know you want the best, so we work hard to provide it. Our team of experts is constantly selecting products for our site that meet high standards and offer great value too! Our opinions are based on independent trials and tests but as an Amazon Associate, we earn from some qualifying purchases. This helps us to keep the site running without costing anything extra for you.

Best Overall Pick

Coleman Airbed Cot

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Why you will love it

A comfortable folding camping bed where you can enjoy a great night's sleep just like a regular bed is no longer a luxury you cannot afford. Check out the Coleman Airbed!

This folding bed is easy to set up and comes with an inflatable air mattress featuring ComfortStrong coil construction for extra comfort & support, and the steel frame is capable of supporting up to 600 pounds &  heights of up to six feet, two inches.

Optional cup holders on either side give more convenience for storing small items. So don't wait any longer, get the Coleman Airbed today, and be prepared for your next adventure!

What you should know

Coleman Airbed is comfortable for 2 people

Weight Limit - 600 lbs

Frame Material - Steel

Item Weight - 22.5 Pounds

Product Dimensions - 59"L x 22"W x 78"T

When shopping for a folding camping bed, it is important to consider not only comfort but also support. Solid construction and good air retention can make all the difference in getting, not just a good, but a great night's sleep.

The Coleman Airbed's construction should allow for extra stability around the edges. This will not only prevent the mattress from slipping but will also give extra stability while you get up or down from the bed. If you're using it inside your tent, you don't have to worry about the leg piece tearing the tent base.

The mattress inflates easily with the given pump and also has excellent air retention that prevents sagging and ensures that you remain comfortable throughout the night. It also provides warmth by preventing body heat from escaping. This will keep you warm and comfortable throughout the night. All these factors combined will give you a bed that can comfortably hold a full-size adult for a great naptime

What could have been better

The included carry bag is great for easy transportation but can be a little tricky to squeeze the product into. The Coleman Airbed can be a little noisy but is comfortable and easy to set up.

Overall, this is a great product for people who are looking for something affordable, and with extra comfort that is easy to set up and take down.

Best For Backpackers

Helinox Cot Lite

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Why you will love it

Looking for a reliable and comfortable cot that won't weigh you down during your hiking trips? The Helinox Cot Lite is perfect for anyone who loves spending time outdoors without sacrificing comfort.

Lightest among all the Helinox siblings, this camping bed is made with a proprietary aluminum alloy, making it incredibly lightweight at just 2.8 pounds - helping in easy transportation. But don't let the weight fool you - the Cot Lite can support up to 265 pounds, so you can rest assured knowing it will provide a great night's sleep.

Whether you're car camping, backpacking, or simply spending time in your backyard, the Helinox Cot Lite is a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable and comfortable camping cot.

What you should know

Helinox Cot Lite is surprisingly sturdy

Weight Limit- 265 lbs

Item Weight- 2.8 lbs

Frame Materials - Aluminum Alloy

Item Dimensions - 73" x 23.5" x 5"

This camping bed is a comfortable and convenient way to rest while camping. It suspends sleepers 5 inches from the ground, and its lack of any frame components that pass under the head and foot of the bed makes it more comfortable.

The bed's stretchy fabric sides provide support and keep sleepers warm, while its mesh top allows for ventilation and prevents moisture build-up. The bed's compact size and lightweight design make it easy to carry and set up, and its included carrying bag ensures that it will stay clean and dry during transport. This Helinox folds into a dimension of only 5" x 21" making it very easy to carry around.

Whether you're car camping with family or backpacking solo, the camping bed is an excellent option for a comfortable night's rest in the great outdoors.

What could have been better

The Helinox Cot Lite is one of the best lightweight camping beds on the market.

The bed's small size makes it easy to transport, and its frame is incredibly sturdy. Additionally, the cot comes with its own carrying case, making it even more convenient for campers on the go.

However, extreme portability comes at a cost, & you have to deal with some compromises in comfort level. At this price point, you expect better comfort levels, which you won't find. Also setting up the bed can be a bit of a challenge.

Despite these drawbacks, the Cot Lite is still a great option for backpackers who are looking for a lightweight and compact easy-to-use bed.

Best for two people

Disc-O-Bed Bunk Bed Cot

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Why you will love it

Looking for a uniquely versatile and space-saving cot for your next camping trip? Check out the Disc-O-Bed Bunk Bed Cot!

This unique camping bed can be used as two separate beds, a bench, or bunked to save space. Each cot of the Disc-O-Bunk Cot bed can comfortably hold a full-size adult and provide plenty of room to kick back and relax, perfect for couples or families who want to save space without compromising on comfort.

The Disc-O-Bed Bunk Bed Cot is a great option for those who are looking for a sturdy and reliable bunk bed. This Disc-O-Bed is made with an even resting surface that will provide a great night's rest for two people.

This cot is also incredibly durable, with the ability to hold up to 500 lbs in each bed. Additionally, the Disc-O-Bed Bunk Cot Bed comes with side organizers that can be used to hold gear or personal items. These side organizers are a great way to keep your belongings close at hand and make it easy to access them when you need them.

Overall, the Disc-O-Bed Bunk Bed Cot is a great choice for those who are looking for a durable and convenient camping bed for their great outdoor adventures.

What you should know

Weight Limit- 500 lbs (for each )

Item Weight- 36 lbs (for each)

Frame Materials - Powder Coated Steel

Item Dimensions - 79" x 36" x 28" (79"x36"x11" if used separately)

The Disc-O-Bed Bunk Bed Cot is a great option for those looking for a durable and reliable camping bed for two people. It features an even sleeping surface that will hold up to 500 lbs in each bed, making it perfect for couples or families.

Additionally, the Disc-O-Bed Bunk Bed Cot is extremely easy to set up and take down, and the side organizers provide ample storage space for gear or personal items. Overall, the Disc-O-Bed Bunk Bed Cot is a great choice for those who want a reliable and comfortable camping cot.

sitting on a disc- o -bed

What could have been better

The Disc-O-Bed Bunk Bed Cot is a great option for camping, but it's not the easiest one to carry around. Weighing 36 pounds, it is quite heavy for a folding camping bed. It is also quite wide, making it a bit difficult to fit into a car or RV.

Additionally, they're not as easy to disassemble as some of the other options on the market.

However, the Disc-O-Bed Bunk Bed Cot is still a great option for those who are looking for a comfortable extra bed. And its unique design means that it can be used as both a bunk bed and a cot.

So if you're looking for an option that's both comfortable and versatile, the Disc-O-Bed Bunk Cot is a great choice.

Best Budget Pick


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Why you will love it

Looking for a reliable folding camping bed with a strict budget? Look no further than the Osage River XL Camping Bed! Weighing only 20 lbs, this easy-to-set-up lightweight bed is perfect for any camping trip.

Its floor-friendly design makes it ideal for any campsite, while its tubular carbon steel construction ensures durability and strength. It can comfortably hold a full-size adult with all the camping gear without breaking a sweat.

What you should know

Osage River XL
Osage River XL

Weight Limit- 440 lbs

Item Weight- 21.1 lbs

Frame Materials - Carbon Steel

Item Dimensions - 79" x 31.5" x 18.5"

The Osage River XL is a great folding camping bed for any constructed with heavy-duty 600D PVC-coated polyester, that can withstand all weather conditions and can support up to 440 pounds.

The elevated headrest contains a convenient built-in pillow, and the handy accessories pocket can store extra gear while you relax and enjoy your drink using the elastic cupholder. The Osage River XL folds easily and comes with a nice carry bag for easy storage and transport.

So whether you're at the beach, camping, or just hanging out in your backyard, just bring along the Osage River XL for a relaxing time.

What could have been better

The Osage River XL Camping Cot is a comfortable camping bed due to its great design that features a padded headrest and a padded mattress.

However, the bed can be difficult for very tall people as they may find that their feet hang over the edge of the bed or may find that the sides of the bed are too short, making it difficult to turn over in the bed.

However, the overall durability & comfort, make the Osage River XL Camping Cot a great option for campers who are willing to pay for a comfortable bed.

Notable Contenders

Coleman Trailhead

Coleman Trailhead II Cot

If you're on a very tight budget and need a durable, easy-to-use camping bed, the Coleman Trailhead II Cot is a great option.

It's made of durable materials and has a sturdy frame, so it can support up to 250 pounds. It's also easy to set up and take down, which is great for campers who don't want to spend a lot of time fiddling with their gear.

However, the Trailhead II Cot is not the lightest camping bed on the market, so it may not be the best choice for backpackers or anyone who needs to save weight. Additionally, it's not the most comfortable camping bed out there.

Marchway Ultralight

Marchway Ultralight Folding Tent

The Marchway Ultralight Folding Tent is a low-cost alternative to the Helinox cot lite. It features a similar design and is made from lightweight aluminum.

However, there are some durability concerns with this product. The fabric is not as sturdy as the Helinox Cot lite and the frame is not as strong. This means that it may not be able to withstand heavy use or repeated setup and takedown.

Overall, the Marchway Ultralight Folding Tent is a cheaper option for those looking for a lightweight folding camping bed with a nice carry bag for a hiking trip, but it is important to be aware of its limitations.

Frequently Asked Questions

You're considering buying a camping bed, but you have some questions about them.

Buying a folding camping bed can be confusing because there are so many different types and sizes available. It's hard to know which one is right for you.

We've answered the most frequently asked questions about camping beds so that you can make an informed decision before you buy.

What is a camping bed called?

A camping bed is most commonly called a cot. It can also be referred to as a camp stretcher, military cot, or field cot. It's a metal frame with a thin mattress on top. Some people also use air mattresses or camping pads instead of a proper bed, though they are less comfortable.

Are camping cots worth it?

Yes, these are definitely worth it! They provide a comfortable and convenient way to rest, whether you're out in the wilderness or just using it as an extra bed for occasional overnight guests.

They offer many advantages over sleeping in just traditional sleeping bags and mats. They're much more comfortable, they keep you warmer in cold weather, and they're easier to get in and out of. Plus, they eliminate the need for a separate mattress or air bed.

How comfortable are camping beds?

Camp beds can be quite comfortable, but it depends on the model you get. Some of these beds have memory foam mattresses that make them very soft and comfortable. Others are made of harder material, which might not be as comfortable for some people.

Overall, most of these beds are fairly comfortable, and they're definitely better than sleeping on the ground!

How can I make my camp bed more comfortable?

A camp bed can be more comfortable by using a sleeping pad or foam topper.

A sleeping pad will help to cushion your body and provide some insulation from the cold ground. A foam topper will add extra cushioning and comfort. You can also try using a pillow or folded-up blanket for your head and neck.

Experiment with different things to find what works best for you. Happy camping!

Can you sleep on a folding camping bed every day?

Yes, you can, but it's not recommended. Sleeping in a camping bed every day can lead to back pain and other health problems.

However, you must make sure to adjust the height of the cot so that your head and shoulders are elevated above your hips. This will help reduce the stress on your back.

Additionally, try to take breaks whenever possible, and stretch your muscles regularly.

Can we use these beds on uneven grounds?

Yes, you can, but it may not be as comfortable as if you were on level ground. The type of surface you are on will also affect how balanced your camping bed needs to be.

For example, if you are on a sandy beach, you will want to make sure your bed is as level as possible so that you don't end up with sand in your sleeping bag. If you are in the woods, uneven ground is more likely to be present, but as long as your camping bed is reasonably level, it shouldn't be an issue.

Some seasoned campers even prefer uneven ground because it gives them a better sense of being 'one with nature.'

Can you use these beds indoors?

Yes, these can be used indoors, but you should take some precautions. If you're using a mattress or foam pad with your beds, make sure that they are covered with waterproof sheets. This will protect the mattress from getting wet if there's a spill.

You should also avoid using a cot bed in areas where there's a lot of moisture (like near a window or in a bathroom). Excessive moisture can cause the metal frame on a cot bed to rust, and the fabric on the mattress can mildew.

Can air mattresses be used as camping beds?

Yes, air mattresses can be used as camping beds. They are lightweight, portable, and easy to set up and take down. Most air mattresses have an internal pump that will inflate the mattress in a matter of minutes. Some air mattresses are even self-inflating, so all you have to do is open the valve and let the mattress do its thing.

How much weight can a camping cot support?

This depends on the specific camping cot you have, as well as the weight limit specified by the manufacturer.

Generally speaking, most camping cots can support an average of 250 lbs, though some higher-end models can support weights of up to 500 pounds or more. If you have a heavier camper or if you plan on using a folding camping bed for other purposes such as storage, or a regular extra bed for indoor use you may want to look for a bed with a higher weight limit.

Ultimately, it's important to make sure that your camping bed can support the weight of all your gear so that you can enjoy a comfortable and stress-free camping trip!

Are cots warmer than pads?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on a variety of factors, such as the type of cot and pad, the climate, and the weight of the person using them.

That said, cots are often warmer than pads because they provide insulation from the ground. This is especially true in colder climates, where a cot can trap more heat than a pad would.

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So What Are The Best Camping Beds For You?

So, if you are looking for the best camping bed and don’t want to spend hours researching on your own, we have got you covered. We have shortlisted some of the best camping beds that are available on Amazon.

Our Overall Top Pick -  Coleman Airbed

Best For Backpackers - Helinox Cot Lite

Best For Two People - Disc-O-Bunk Bed

Best Budget Pick - OSAGE RIVER XL

Best of The Rest - Coleman Trailhead II Cot

Thanks for reading our guide. We have carefully selected these products after doing hours of research and we are sure that you will love them.

All you need to do is click on the “Check Price on Amazon” buttons and add them to your cart – it’s as simple as that!

bring a camping cot for a comfortable camping experience.

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