A Quiver Full of Knowledge: Finding the Best Crossbow Bolt

Looking for the best crossbow bolts for your hunting or target shooting needs?Our comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about selecting the right bolts, including material, weight, and length. We've reviewed some of the top options on the market to help you make an informed decision

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Selecting The Best Crossbow Arrows

As an avid crossbow hunter or shooter, you know how important it is to have the best crossbow bolts for accuracy and performance. But with so many options out there, it can be overwhelming trying to find the perfect one.

It's a lot of pressure knowing that your success in hunting or target shooting depends on having the right arrows and you don't want to waste your time researching or money on the wrong bolts!

Don't worry - our expert reviewers have done all the hard work for you! We've spent time reviewing and consulting with veteran crossbow shooters as well as scouring through user feedback to bring you this guide to the best crossbow bolts available on the market today. So now, finding quality arrows is easy - just point yourself in our direction and get ready for a successful hunt!

We know you want the best, so we work hard to provide it. Our team of experts is constantly selecting products for our site that meet high standards and offer great value too! Our opinions are based on independent trials and tests but as an Amazon Associate, we may earn from some qualifying purchases. This helps us to keep the site running without costing anything extra for you.

Carbon Express PileDriver Fletched

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Why You Will Love This

The Carbon Express PileDriver Fletched Crossbow bolts – are perfect for unlocking your archery and hunting precision!

These innovative bolts feature an extraordinary spine consistency design, ensuring top-notch accuracy and superior penetration. Crafted from solid carbon construction, these crossbow arrows offer a kinetic energy density you won't find with other brands.

Whether you're competing in tournaments or just want to sharpen up your aim, these are a perfect choice – reliable enough to serve as your arsenal go-to at all times. Get ready to hit those bullseyes like never before!

What You Should Know

The Carbon Express PileDriver Fletched Crossbow bolts are the perfect choice for archers who require superior arrow accuracy and performance.

Featuring durable carbon composite construction, the bolts are designed to withstand the rigors of regular use. Each bolt is pre-fletched with high-quality vanes for optimal flight stability and trajectory, ensuring that every shot is precise and true.

The bolts come with inserts and flat nocks already installed, making these arrows ready to shoot right out of the package.

With their superior construction, durability, and accuracy, Carbon Express PileDriver Fletched Crossbow bolts are sure to provide archers with a reliable arrow choice for all their hunting needs.

TenPoint Pro Elite 400 Alpha-Brite Lighted Carbon Crossbow Arrows

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Why You Will Love This

TenPoint Pro Elite 400 Crossbow Arrows are the perfect choice for any crossbow enthusiast looking to get the best performance out of their weapon.

With features like a lighted nock system and deep groove, these arrows provide superior flight visibility and accuracy. They also come pre-fletched with a large radius base that keeps your bowstring in place on incredibly narrow crossbows; this helps to prevent shoot-over or shoot-under. They come in a pack of 6, making them a great value purchase.

If you’re looking for accurate crossbow bolts with lighted nocks, then TenPoint Pro Elite 400 is an excellent option!

What You Should Know

The TenPoint Pro Elite 400 Crossbow Arrows are designed to provide the most accurate and powerful shooting experience for crossbow hunters. These arrows feature a 20-inch carbon construction and 400-Grain finished arrow that is designed to work with most crossbows on the market.

The clever design of these arrows, combined with the use of premium materials minimizes string serving wear while providing maximum accuracy and power when fired from your crossbow.

If you're looking for some of the best crossbow bolts available, then look no further than the TenPoint Pro Elite 400 Crossbow Arrows.

Black Eagle Executioner Crossbow Fletched Arrows

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Why You Will Love This

Take aim with the Black Eagle Executioner Crossbow Bolts, and take down your target in style! These bolts are made for optimal F.O.C., so you won't have to sacrifice accuracy or speed for a perfect shot.

Powered by the superior performance of Bohning X Vanes, these bolts unleash an unstoppable force with their 3-inch vanes that promise accuracy and consistent flight paths for any crossbow.

Get ready to hit your targets like never before with the Black Eagle Executioner Crossbow Bolts!

What You Should Know

The Black Eagle Executioner Crossbow Fletched Arrows are designed to provide superior performance and durability. The arrows feature a high-quality carbon construction that is able to withstand the rigors of crossbow shooting.

It features half-moon nocks to ensure compatibility with most crossbows. Additionally, brass inserts have been added to improve weight distribution and stability, allowing the arrow to fly straight and true.

If you're looking for an arrow that can keep up with your crossbow shooting, these Black Eagle Executioner Crossbow Fletched Arrows should be your go-to option. Thanks to their reliable construction, they are sure to become a trusted companion in any crossbow hunter's arsenal.

Barnett Outdoors Headhunter Crossbow Arrows

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Why You Will Love This

If you’re looking for the perfect arrows to make your crossbow shooting experience more enjoyable, check out Barnett Outdoors Carbon Crossbow Arrows! Crafted with lightweight and durable carbon construction, these arrows are designed to provide reliable performance hunt after hunt.

Plus, they’re compatible with most crossbows on the market, so no matter what brand or model you own, these will work like a charm! And if that wasn’t enough great news: each pack comes with five – which means you don’t have to worry about being arrow-less when taking aim at your target.

Get ready for outdoor adventures – grab a pack of Barnett Outdoors Carbon Crossbow Arrows today!

What You Should Know

These carbon crossbow bolts from Barnett Outdoors are designed to provide users with an improved and durable arrow system. Each arrow includes field points and half-moon nocks, allowing users a more accurate shot.

The arrows also have strong, lightweight carbon shafts that have been improved with thicker walls for added durability. Furthermore, each arrow is 22" in length with 13.78 grains per inch and matched with a 100-grain point for maximum accuracy.

With Barnett Outdoors Carbon Crossbow Arrows, users will enjoy greater accuracy and improved durability when using their crossbows. So pick up your set of Barnett Outdoors Carbon Crossbow Arrows today to start shooting more accurately!

TenPoint EVO-X CenterPunch

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Why You Will Love This

The TenPoint EVO-X CenterPunch Crossbow bolts are the ultimate choice for hunters looking to take their shots with pinpoint accuracy.

Their robust construction ensures consistent accuracy over long distances, while also providing excellent performance in even the harshest weather conditions. Plus, its patented CenterPunch technology makes sure that your arrow is always perfectly aligned with the bowstring – so your shot will be as accurate as possible every time you release an arrow.

Don’t let a bad aim ruin a perfect hunt – invest in TenPoint’s EVO-X and hit the bull's eye every time!

What You Should Know

The TenPoint EVO-X CenterPunch crossbow arrows are perfect for big game hunting, offering superior penetration and accuracy. The arrows are constructed from modulus carbon fiber, wrapped in a carbon weave, and feature an offset fletching with Boning X vanes.

These features combined ensure that the arrows remain straight and true even at long distances. Additionally, each arrow is inspected for straightness to within .001, making them some of the most accurate crossbow bolts available on the market today.

With a weight of 455 grains and a length of 20 inches, these arrows are sure to provide you with excellent performance when aiming.

Kavard Mini Crossbow Bolts

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Why You Will Love This

Take your precision shooting to the next level with Kavard Mini Crossbow Bolts! These aluminum crossbow bolts are perfect for pistol crossbows and come complete with two arrow fletches so that you can enjoy a stable flight every time.

Whether you're doing some archery target practice or going in for the kill, these budget bolts will provide an excellent balance between accuracy and cost-effectiveness.

With Kavard's Mini Crossbow Bolts in hand, your shots won't miss the mark! So grab yourself a pack of Kavard Mini Crossbow Bolts and start your journey towards becoming king (or queen!) of the mini crossbows!

What You Should Know

Kavard Mini Crossbow Bolts are designed to provide maximum impact power when used with mini crossbows that have a draw weight of 50 - 80 lbs.

Each aluminum bolt features a metal point head and a specially-designed metal tip for extra power and accuracy. The combination of lightweight construction and powerful force make these bolts ideal for hunting small game such as rabbits and raccoons.

With Kavard Mini Crossbow Bolts, you can rest assured that your pistol crossbow will not just be used for target practice or shooting games, but will be deadly as well. So make sure to pick up a pack of Kavard aluminum bolts today and get the most out of your next hunt!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Shopping for the best crossbow bolts can be a confusing and overwhelming process.

You want to make sure you're getting the highest quality arrows, but with so many options out there it's hard to know what will work best for your needs. Plus, you have all these questions about arrow length, weight, and more that need answers before you can confidently purchase anything.

Don't worry! We've got you covered with our Best Crossbow Bolts FAQs. Here we answer all your burning questions about crossbow arrows so that you can make an informed decision on which ones are right for you - no guesswork required! With this guide in hand, shopping for the best crossbow bolts has never been easier or more enjoyable.

Are heavier crossbow bolts better?

The answer to this question depends on several factors, such as the draw weight of the crossbow, target distance, and shooting style. Generally speaking, heavier crossbow bolts will provide more kinetic energy than lighter bolts in order to penetrate deeper into a target.

This can be beneficial when hunting larger game animals or attempting longer-range shots. However, lighter bolts are preferred for faster firing rates and accuracy at short ranges due to their flatter trajectory.

When deciding which type of bolt is best for you, it’s important to consider the activity of your hunt or target practice session and your individual preferences. If you need a higher-powered crossbow bolt that can travel farther distances or create a higher impact then it may be best to look into heavier options. On the other hand, if accuracy is your main concern then choose lightweight arrow shafts.

What grain crossbow bolts should I use?

When choosing crossbow bolts (also known as arrows), the type of grain you use will depend on your specific crossbow and your intended use. Here are some factors to consider:

Crossbow manufacturer's recommendations: Always check the manufacturer's recommendations for the appropriate grain weight for your particular crossbow model. Using the wrong weight can result in poor accuracy, damage to your crossbow, or even injury.

Velocity of your crossbow: Crossbows with higher velocity require heavier bolts to help absorb the energy and reduce stress on the crossbow limbs. Slower crossbows can use lighter bolts.

Hunting vs. Target shooting: If you're hunting, heavier bolts with broadheads are typically recommended to ensure maximum penetration and effectiveness. For target shooting, lighter bolts can be used for greater speed and accuracy.

Bolt length: Longer bolts require more grain weight to maintain stability in flight and to achieve sufficient kinetic energy upon impact.

In general, most crossbow bolts range in grain weight from 350 to 500. However, it's important to consult your crossbow's manual or a professional before making a decision on which grain weight to use.

Is 350 fps good for a crossbow?

When selecting the ideal crossbow, a velocity of 350 fps is generally considered to be an excellent speed. This power should suffice for easily and ethically taking down most animals while providing enough kinetic energy to ensure clean kills.

But remember that this isn't the only factor in delivering quality performance! The weight and precision of your bolt, as well as draw weight can all contribute significantly towards successful game hunting trips.

Also, be mindful of the specific game you're hunting as it may require a different level of speed and kinetic energy. For example, if you're hunting elk, you may want a crossbow that's capable of speeds close to 400 fps to ensure a quick and humane kill.

Should I shoot 20 or 22 crossbow bolts?

Since the optimal bolt length depends on your personal preferences, crossbow requirements, and application, you should think carefully before deciding between 20 or 22-inch bolts. If you have a short draw length, then a shorter arrow is likely to be more accurate for target shooting, and because of a lower drag, their flight will be more consistent and you will get better accuracy.

However, longer arrows are usually heavier and can provide better impact which is useful when hunting big game. If your bow has a long draw then opting for an extra two inches of size may benefit the impact generated by your arrowhead during the hunting of larger games. Ultimately, it's up to you!

Are crossbows stronger than bows?

In terms of power, crossbows are undeniably superior to other types of bows. This is due to the prod mechanism they use; while regular bows solely rely on physical strength, a crossbow's prod stores energy that it releases when triggered - giving it much more force and accuracy than any traditional bow. With this increased capability comes an extended shooting range with unparalleled precision!

Crossbow bolts are around 400 grains in weight which is higher compared to most hunting arrows used in a compound bow. Crossbows can easily shoot these bolts at a speed of 350 FPS and some advanced crossbows can shoot at well over 400 FPS, which is far from what's possible with a regular hunting bow. This makes them more powerful and they deliver higher impact compared to an arrow shot from a compound bow.

Are faster crossbows more accurate?

Yes, faster crossbows are accurate due to their extra power and speed, which gives them an added edge over slower ones. But in general, crossbows are one of the most accurate and reliable weapons available when it comes to hunting. They offer a high level of accuracy, and at a short distance, they can even be compared to rifles.

A faster crossbow will have greater kinetic energy than a slower one, which translates into more accuracy at longer distances. Faster bows also give you better control over the flight path of your arrows, allowing for more precise and accurate shots. Additionally, the increased speed makes it easier to line up shots quickly and hit small targets with ease. They can easily hit with precision within a group size same as that of your fist even at distances of 80 yards.

What grain arrow is best for crossbows?

When it comes to choosing the best grain arrow for a crossbow, there are a few factors to consider. The weight of the arrow is an important factor, as heavier arrows tend to fly straighter and have more kinetic energy. Lightweight arrows usually range from 350-399 grains, standard arrows are 400-459 grains, and anything above 460 grains is considered heavy.

Additionally, the draw weight of your crossbow should be taken into account when selecting an arrow. For example, TenPoint's Wicked Ridge Invader 400 crossbow has a 13.5” power stroke and 185-pound draw weight, so it would be best suited for a 370-grain arrow.

Also, the type of broadhead you plan on using can also affect the type of arrow you choose. Fixed blade broadheads typically require heavier arrows than mechanical broadheads to achieve optimal performance.

What is a good arrow speed for a crossbow?

Generally speaking, a good arrow speed for a crossbow is between 300-500 FPS (feet per second). The higher the FPS, the more powerful and accurate your shot will be. However, it's important to note that higher speeds come with increased noise and vibration, so you may want to consider other factors such as draw weight and your intended use when selecting a crossbow.

When looking for a crossbow with good arrow speed, make sure to look for models that have been tested and certified by independent organizations like IBO (International Bowhunting Organization) or ATA (Archery Trade Association). These organizations test each model of crossbow for accuracy and consistency before certifying them.

What are the different materials used for making crossbow arrows?

Crossbow arrows or bolts are typically made from a variety of materials, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. The most commonly used materials include aluminum, carbon fiber, and wood.

An aluminum crossbow bolt is a popular choice due to its durability and affordability. They are also lightweight, which makes them ideal for use in smaller crossbows.

Carbon fiber bolts, on the other hand, are known for their strength and accuracy. They are also lightweight, making them ideal for long-distance shooting, however, they are more expensive than other arrows.

Wooden arrows are often preferred by traditional archers due to their aesthetic appeal and authenticity. However, they require more maintenance than other materials and are more susceptible to damage.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Crossbow Bolt

When purchasing a crossbow bolt, there are several factors that you should consider to ensure that you get the right one for your needs. Here are some of the most important factors to keep in mind:


The length of the bolt should be appropriate for your crossbow. Using a bolt that is too short or too long can lead to inaccurate shots.


The bolt weight should match the draw weight of your crossbow. Using a bolt that is too light or too heavy can cause damage to your crossbow or affect your accuracy.

Shaft Material

The bolt shaft can be made from different materials such as carbon, aluminum, or wood. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages, so you should choose the one that best suits your needs.


The fletching, or the feathers or vanes on the end of the arrow, can affect the flight path and accuracy of the bolt. Most crossbow bolts come with either plastic or natural feathers. Plastic vanes tend to be more durable, while natural feathers provide more accuracy. Different fletching styles can be used depending on the type of shooting you will be doing.

Nock type

The nock is the groove at the back of the bolt that holds it in place on the crossbow string. There are two main types, half-moon, and flat nocks. You should choose the nock type that is compatible with your specific crossbow model.


The tip of the bolt can also affect its performance of the bolt. There are different types of tips, including field points, broadheads, and specialty tips for specific types of shooting.

Brand and Price

Consider the brand and price of the bolt you are considering. Higher-end bolts may be more expensive but offer better performance, while a budget bolt may be more affordable but can have lower quality.

Intended Use

Finally, consider what you will be using the bolt for. Hunting bolts may be different than bolts used for target shooting, so make sure to choose the right type for your needs.

Final Thoughts About the Best Crossbow Bolt

Choosing the best crossbow bolts can significantly improve your accuracy and overall performance with your crossbow. Factors such as the material, length, weight, and nock type can affect your bolt's accuracy, penetration, and durability.

By considering these factors and choosing from some of the top crossbow bolts on the market, you can ensure that you have the best bolts for your needs. And when you are ready to make a purchase, just click the 'Check Price on Amazon' buttons and add them to your cart.

Remember to also take proper care of your bolts by storing them properly and regularly inspecting and cleaning them. Happy shooting.

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