Hot Nights, Sweet Dreams: The Best Warm Weather Sleeping Bags for a Comfortable Sleep

Looking for a warm-weather sleeping bag? We’ve got you covered with our top picks of the best summer sleeping bags on the market! Check out this blog post to learn more about these great products today.

Planning a summer vacation and need new sleeping bags that will keep you comfortable throughout the night?

We’ve got just the thing! In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the best summer sleeping bags on the market and help you choose the right one for your needs.

You won’t have to worry about being too cold at night with one of these warm-weather sleeping bags. They’re perfect for any warm-weather camping destination – whether you’re planning a trip to the beach or the mountains!

Keep reading our blog to learn more about our summer sleeping bags and purchase one for yourself today!

How We Picked The Best Summer Sleeping Bag For You

It can be tough to pick the best bags for sleeping, especially if you're looking for a good one to use in warm weather.

Most people only think about getting a new sleeping bag when the cold weather hits. But what about those of us who want to use a bag in the summer? It can be tough to find a good one that will keep you comfortable.

We've done the hard work for you and have picked the best summer sleeping bags based on user reviews. Whether you're looking for a lightweight option or something more heavy-duty, we have got you covered.

We know you want the best, so we work hard to provide it. Our team of experts is constantly selecting products for our site that meet high standards and offer great value too! Our opinions are based on independent trials and tests but as an Amazon Associate, we earn from some qualifying purchases. This helps us to keep the site running without costing anything extra for you.

Best Overall Pick

Marmot Voyager 55

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Why you will love it

The Marmot Voyager 55 is the perfect mummy sleeping bag designed for backpacking and other outdoor activities. It is designed with SpiraFil high-loft insulation for maximum warmth and durability and is one of the lightest sleeping bags on the market at only 1.75 lbs.

This mummy bag is perfect for someone who wants to be comfortable at temperatures of 55 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit while they sleep, without adding too much weight to their backpack.

The mummy design of the Voyager 55 makes it comfortable to sleep in and easy to pack and carry. It also features a water-resistant shell that helps keep you dry and comfortable in all weather conditions.

What you should know

Fill Material - Down       Outer Material - Polyester     Fabric Type - Polyester Item Dimensions - 90" x 62" x 3"                                           Item Weight - 1.75 lbs

The Marmot Voyager 55 mummy sleeping bag is an excellent choice for warm summer nights and even in damp conditions.

Proprietory SpiraFil high-loft insulation creates the perfect balance between exceptional warmth and softness. They also increase moisture resistance which is essential for any bedding material that is going to be used outdoors.

The down insulation can also be helpful for a warm sleeper, even when temperatures fall below their optimum level.

The Voyagers are designed with full-length, locking YKK two-way anti-snag zippers, dual hang loops, and a blanket-like feel that provides enhanced comfort for summer sleeping. They can also integrate with a sleeping pad easily making it a complete system.

This jacket has been EN rated for men at lower limits of approximately 55 degrees Fahrenheit making it perfect to use during summer nights when the nights can be cooler or even moist!

The Marmot Voyager 55 mummy sleeping bag is an excellent choice for travelers who want to make their bed in tow. It has a compressible stuff sack that packs away small when not needed, plus cords that are easy on the eyes and light enough so you won't be dragging along anything unnecessary weight-wise!

What could have been better

If you're looking for sleeping bags that will keep you comfortable on warm nights, the Marmot Voyager 55 is a great option.

However, there is a slight issue with the exterior of the Marmot Voyager 55 mummy sleeping bag, which is made out of polyester meaning, it won't be as durable and will be compressed more easily than other materials.

Also, this being a mummy bag, is not the best for side sleepers and might not be ideal for warmer summer nights!

Best Value for Money Bag

Coleman Kompact Sleeping Bag

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Why you will love it

Looking for cozy rectangular bags with a higher temperature rating for summer nights? Look no further than the Coleman Kompact, one of the best sleeping bags perfect for camping in milder temperatures.

Made with 100% polyester, this superb sleeping bag is ideal for camping in temperatures between 40°F and 60°F. The polyester cover is soft and comfortable, while the patented Comfort Cuff design ensures that your face is surrounded by softness.

The intelligent fasteners lock the bag in place for easier rolling, making it a great choice for side sleepers. And weighing just 4.68 pounds, this is a great bag for any campers and backpackers alike!

What you should know

Coleman Kompact with bag

Fill Material - Polyester                                 Outer Material - Polyester Item Dimensions - 10.2" x 10.2" x 20.1"           Item Weight - 4.68 lbs

The Coleman Kompact is designed to keep you comfortable on warm nights. Whether you are car camping or backpacking this will help you to sleep warm and comfortably.

With the help of Fiberlock, you can count on your insulation to stay in place. The Thermolock draft tube reduces heat loss through zippers and gives people extra warmth for longer periods!

This is one of the few rectangular bags we have seen that will allow you to sleep comfortably on your hammocks on summer nights.

You can also use it as a liner for extra warmth during cold weather to avoid getting cold feet in the middle of the night.

Anti-snag zippers combined with ZipperGlide tailoring ensure smooth zipper operations around corners so that there are no catches or snags when wearing this bag. The QuickCord no-tie closure keeps the bag clenched tight.

What could have been better

Coleman Kompact sleeping bags are a great option for those who love to camp on summer nights.

They provide excellent ventilation and have a built-in rain fly to keep you dry, but it can sometimes be a bit too warm for summer climates.

Also, the filler materials can sometimes get bunched up. But apart from this minor flaw, Coleman Kompact sleeping bags are a great option for summer sleeping.

Best Not-So-Cheap option

SylvanSport Cloud Layer Sleeping Bag

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Why you will love it

The SylvanSport Cloud Layer Sleeping Bag is the perfect choice for a comfortable sleep on most summer nights. Its outer material is made of polyester, while the filler material and fabric type are cotton, making it extremely soft and skin-friendly.

The spacious rectangular shape design and double zipper ventilation are ideal for warm nights. They have a single as well as a double sleeping bag.

The entire system weighs only 8lbs, making it perfect for carrying with you on your next trip be it a car camping or a hiking trip in the woods.

Don't let the warm weather stop you from getting a good night's sleep just order the SylvanSport Cloud Layer Sleeping Bag today!

What you should know

Cloud Layer Sleep System

Fill Material - Cotton   Outer Material - Polyester      Fabric Type - Cotton Item Dimensions - 28" x 22" x 28"              Item Weight - 8 lbs

The Cloud Layer Single sleeping bag from SylvanSport is a versatile and comfortable option for anyone looking for a good night's sleep while camping.

The three-layer system provides insulation keeping your feet warm in colder temperatures, while the organic cotton sheet and compatible mattress make it feel like a real bed giving you a night of comfortable sleep even on warmer nights.

It is more like a system where three of the best sleeping bags have been put together to give you a complete sleeping solution for every situation.

The sleeping bag also folds into a small sack for easy transport and storage and includes pockets and zip-lining for ultimate utility.

The removable quilt layer can also be used as a cozy camp blanket, making this an all-in-one solution for a comfortable camping experience.

What could have been better

The SylvanSport Cloud Layer Sleeping Bag is not for everyone. While it offers a number of benefits, its complex design can be a drawback for some.

The Cloud Layer Sleeping Bag has three layers: an outer shell, a middle layer, and an inner liner. The outer shell is made of polyester, which is waterproof and breathable. The middle layer is designed to trap heat and keep you warm. The inner liner is made of down, which is extremely lightweight and compressible. When all three layers are used together, they provide an exceptional level of warmth and protection from the elements.

However, the complexity of the design can make it challenging to set up and take down. Additionally, the weight of the bag can make it difficult to carry on long hikes. For these reasons, the Cloud Layer Sleeping Bag might not be suitable for everyone.

Best Budget Bag

Active Era Ultra Lightweight Sleeping Bag

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Why you will love it

Looking for a durable, lightweight sleeping bag on a tight budget? Look no further than the Active Era Ultra Lightweight Sleeping Bag. This sleeping bag is perfect for camping trips, festivals, and any other outdoor adventure you can think of.

It features a hollow fiber filling that provides comfort in temperatures above 50°F and an extreme temperature limit of 27°F. The 190T polyester outer shell and sleeping bag liner are extremely durable, yet the entire sleeping bag only weighs 2lbs.

So whether you're looking for a cozy place to sleep on your next camping trip or searching for the perfect gift for the outdoor enthusiast in your life, the Active Era Ultra Lightweight Sleeping Bag is the

What you should know

Active Era Sleeping Bag Features

Fill Material - Down         Outer Material - Polyester   Fabric Type - Polyester Item Dimensions  - 75" x 30" x 3"            Item Weight 2.09 lbs

The Active Era Backpacking Sleeping Bag is a versatile and easy-to-use sleeping option for your next car camping trip or any other outdoor adventure.

The sleeping bag can be unzipped to 75" x 30" to use as a quilt or duvet, or partially unzipped to allow greater ventilation.

The sleeping bag is also lightweight and can be packed into a 14" x 8" x 8" travel bag.

The Active Era Backpacking Sleeping Bag is also machine washable for easy cleaning after your trip.

What could have been better

The Active Era Ultra Lightweight Sleeping Bag is the best sleeping bag for someone with a strict budget, but there are some drawbacks.

One problem is the quality of the zipper. It is not very strong and can break easily.

Another issue is that the bag is not very comfortable. The fabric is scratchy and does not breathe well, so its synthetic fabric and insulation can get quite hot inside on warmer nights.

Overall, the Active Era Ultra Light is a decent option for a budget-conscious shopper, but be aware of its flaws before making a purchase.

Worthy Contenders

Sea to Summit Reactor Insulated Sleeping Bag Liner

Sea to Summit Adaptor Liner

Yes, we know it is a sleeping bag liner, not a proper sleeping bag by its classical definition, but we just couldn't ignore this.

We all know how important a good night's sleep is. And when you're camping, the last thing you want is to be uncomfortable all night. That's where the Sea to Summit Reactor Insulated Sleeping Bag Liner comes in.

This liner, mostly suitable for mummy bags, is made with premium Thermolite hollow-core insulation, which is lightweight, soft, and comfortable but will surprise you with its amazing warmth-to-weight ratio.

It's also built with a stretch knit construction that adds up to 25 degrees of warmth when added to any sleeping bag or makes it really comfortable when used by itself.

No warm sleeper can ever complain about not being able to keep their feet warm if you get one of these mummy sleeping bags!

So whether you're using it by itself in warmer climates or adding it to your bag for extra warmth in colder temperatures, you can rest assured knowing you'll be comfortable all night long. It even comes with a toe-box and a drawcord hood. They also have a similar product, Adaptor Coolmax with moisture-wicking technology that will keep you comfortable on warm and moist nights too.

Naturehike Outdoor Envelope Ultralight Sleeping Bags

Nature Hike Sleeping Bag

The NATURE HIKE Ultralight Compact Sleeping bag is one of the lightest and most versatile sleeping bags on the market today.

Weighing in at just 1.68 lbs, it can be compressed down to just 7.5" in height. The cotton filler material and TC cotton fabric make it comfortable to sleep in even at 59℉.

The included carrying bag with compact straps makes it easy to take with you on your next camping trip or backpacking adventure.

However, the bag looks somewhat cheap and the durability is questionable.

Also, the zipper is really flimsy, and it's not ideal for hammocks as hammock sleeping demands a perfect seal to avoid convective cooling.

But if you want a budget sleeping bag for camping in warmer conditions, that will work for a few seasons and don't care about how it looks, then this is the bag for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

It can be hard to know which sleeping bag is best for you when the weather starts to warm up.

A lot of people end up buying sleeping bags that are too heavy or too hot for the weather, which can ruin your camping trip or outdoor excursion.

We've put together this list of the most commonly asked questions about warm-weather sleeping bags so that you can make an informed decision before you buy.

What is a warm-weather sleeping bag?

Warm weather sleeping bags, also known as summer sleeping bags are designed to be used on warm nights.

These sleeping bags are typically lighter and more compact than traditional sleeping bags, and they are often made from materials that allow them to breathe better and reduce the risk of overheating.

Are warm weather sleeping bags comfortable?

Yes, warm-weather sleeping bags can be comfortable, but they tend to be less insulated than those designed for colder temperatures.

A warm weather sleeping bag traps body heat from escaping and keeps the temperatures inside the bag moderate and comfortable but they are inefficient if the outside temperatures are too low. They have breathable fabric and a comparatively lower warmth-to-weight ratio and, this means that they might not be as warm on cold nights and could leave you feeling chilly in the early morning hours.

If you're looking for a warmer bag that will keep you comfortable in summer conditions, consider choosing one with a lower insulation rating or purchasing a quilted liner to place inside your bag.

What shape of sleeping bag do I need for the summer?

When choosing a sleeping bag for the summer, it's important to get one that is lightweight and made from a breathable fabric. You'll also want to make sure that the sleeping bag is roomy enough to allow you to move around comfortably.

The best option is a rectangular bag. Most rectangular bags are roomy and have a lot of ventilation. Mummy-style sleeping bags, designed to hug your body and keep you warm, can also be good if the temperatures are slightly lower.

Whatever style of sleeping bag you choose, be sure to check its temperature ratings and compare with the rating of the bags, also test it out in advance if possible to make sure that it is of the proper size and shape to fit your body.

What are the best sleeping bags for side sleepers?

There are a few things to consider when purchasing a summer sleeping bag for side sleepers. The traditional mummy bag is not the most comfortable option for side sleepers, as it doesn’t allow for much movement.

A rectangular sleeping bag is common and gives you more room to move around, and is a better option for side sleepers.

Some people find sleeping bags with a trapezoidal shape, which is quite uncommon to find, to be more comfortable when they sleep on their sides. This shape allows for more space at the feet and prevents the sleeper's body from being constricted.

If you are a side sleeper, you can also use a sleeping pad underneath, that will provide optimal body support and alignment, making you more comfortable. You should also look for a summer sleeping bag with less insulation, as you will likely get warmer at night. Finally, be sure to choose a summer sleeping bag with a comfort rating that matches your needs.

How to Cool Down in Your Sleeping Bag?

There are a few things you can do to cool down in your sleeping bag:

  1. Change positions - If you're sleeping on your back, try sleeping on your side. If you're sleeping on your side, try sleeping on your stomach. This will help the blood flow to your extremities and will help cool your body down.
  2. Get out of your sleeping bag - If it's not too cold outside, get out of your sleeping bag and let the air circulate around you.
  3. Open the zipper - Some of our top picks have a zipper at the bottom for air circulation or for you to get your legs outside if it is too hot inside.
  4. Stick a cold pack or ice pack under your neck - This is the worst-case scenario but this will help cool down the blood going to your head and will help cool you down overall.

But if the weather is this hot even during the nights, then instead of being inside your sleeping bag, open the zippers completely and use it as a lightweight quilt.

Also, avoid choosing synthetic sleeping bags for very warm conditions. Especially, mummy sleeping bags with synthetic insulation is a really bad choice for warmer nights.

What is “comfort temperature” mentioned on a sleeping bag?

It is the minimum possible temperature that the sleeping bag is designed to withstand before the average human will get cold. These ratings range from a human’s “lower comfort level” to “upper comfort level” and “extreme” ratings (for the coldest temperatures).

These ratings should be used as a guide to match your sleeping bag with the climate you are going to but it is by no means 100% accurate. Just don’t buy a sleeping bag that’s designed for -10° C conditions thinking that you should be able to manage in most places.

What is a good temperature rating for a summer sleeping bag?

For summer camping trips, look for sleeping bags with ratings, which are the same as comfort temperatures, that range from 30 degrees to 60. The lower end of this spectrum will be more comfortable when the weather is variable or in places with warmer days but cool at night.

While the other extreme will be best if you’re staying in hot, humid weather, but will not provide enough protection against heat strokes in tropical regions where temperatures often exceed 40°C (105 °F).

Can you use a 0-degree sleeping bag in the summer?

Though difficult, you can use a 0-degree sleeping bag during the summer months. While it might seem counterintuitive, a 0-degree sleeping bag is actually quite versatile and can be an option for warm-weather camping. But keep in mind if you're considering using a 0-degree bag during the summer, make sure that your 0-degree bag is made from breathable fabric.

Otherwise, you'll end up feeling like you're sleeping in an oven. A good way to test this is to put your hand inside the bag - if it feels clammy or uncomfortable, then the fabric isn't breathable enough. You consider using a cotton or linen liner with your sleeping bag to make it more comfortable and skin-friendly.

What is the season rating of sleeping bags for summer?

Sleeping bags are typically rated from one season to five seasons. A one-season bag is ideal for only summer temperatures, while a two or three-season bag is meant for use in temperate climates where temperatures range from around 40 degrees Fahrenheit to 70 degrees Fahrenheit, while a four or five-season bag is meant for use in colder climates where temperatures can reach below freezing.

Are warm-weather sleeping bags washable?

Yes, most warm-weather sleeping bags are machine-washable. However, it's important to read the manufacturer's instructions carefully before washing, as some bags require special care. For example, some down-filled bags should be washed using a delicate cycle and special detergent designed for down products. Additionally, always allow your sleeping bag to air dry completely before storing it away.

So what are The Best Camping weather sleeping bags for you

It can be tough to know which camping sleeping bag is the best for you, with all of the different options available. It seems like every time you turn around, there's a new type of camping sleeping bag on the market.

We have done all the hard work and have given a list of our top picks :

Best Overall Winner: Marmot Voyager 55

Best Value for Money: Coleman Kompact Warm Weather Sleeping Bag

Best Not-So-Cheap Option: SylvanSport Cloud Layer Sleeping Bag

Best Budget Pick: Active Era Ultra Lightweight Sleeping Bag

Best of the Rest: Sea to Summit Reactor Insulated Sleeping Bag Liner

That’s it – our picks for the best camping sleeping bags for warm weather. We hope you found this guide helpful, and that you have a great time on your next camping trip!

Just don't forget to click on the "Check Price on Amazon" buttons to add them to your cart.

Happy trails!

Even if it is not very cold, you need a sleeping bag for camping.

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