12 Cuddly Disney Squishmallows to Gift Your Loved Ones

The Disney Squad of Squishmallows is the perfect way to bring the magic of Disney home! These plush toys are extremely soft and cute, making them a great addition to any child's room. Enjoy your time with your Disney squishmallows and create lasting memories!

Looking for a cuddly gift for your loved one this Christmas?

Disney squishmallows are the perfect gift for anyone who loves cuteness and softness! These little pillows are made of super soft plush polyester fabric and feature the charming faces of some of your favorite Disney characters.

Your child will find a new best friend in these adorable Disney squishmallows. These pillows make perfect bed companions and can be squeezed to bring a smile to anyone's face.

Purchase one of our top picks from below and give the gift of a lifetime this Christmas to your loved ones! The snuggle is real!

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Christmas Mickey Mouse

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Do we really need to introduce him? Catch the world's most famous mouse in his Christmas avatar with an adorable Santa hat.

One look at these Christmas Mickey Mouse plush toys and you'll feel the holiday cheer! These super soft, cuddly creatures are perfect for spreading some seasonal magic.

But don't let their cute faces fool you - they're also tough enough to take on all your holiday adventures. It is hard to find a 12-inch or larger Christmas Mickey, but if you miss him you can get the 8" Christmas Mickey.

So bring home a little bit of Disney magic this Christmas with these festive Mickey Mouse plush toys!

Christmas Minnie Mouse

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It will be unfair if you bring Mickey to your Christmas party without his lady love, Minnie. We mentioned her in our article on the cutest squishmallows, but here she is ready for a Squishmas!

And she is all dressed up for the Christmas party in her festive polka-dotted red outfit! Minnie's also bundled up against the cold with a pair of cute warm earmuffs.

This squishy plush is perfect for long car rides, airplane trips, or sleepovers. You'll never want to let go of Minnie when you cuddle up with her soft body and adorable face!

Pluto will follow Mickey around and what could be more adorable than having your very own Pluto plush to snuggle with?

This soft and detailed replica of everyone's favorite yellow dog is perfect for Disney fans of all ages. Bring home your little buddy today and grow your Disney squad of squishmallows!

Goofy Squishmallow

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You simply cannot have a Christmas party and expect Goofy to miss that out! Goofy the black dog with the signature laugh was one of the first Disney Characters, initially appearing as  Dippy Dawg.

The Goofy Squishmallow is one of Disney Squad's original characters, with the same lovable laugh we all know and love. These soft, squeezable plush toys are perfect for bringing your dreams to life. They're also the cutest thing you'll ever see, so don't be a goober and get yours today!

You probably saw this coming! A member of the Fab Five in the Disney world, you should not forget this white duck when you are growing your Disney squad of squishmallows.

Donald Duck is all soft and squishy in this 14-inch plush form. You won't be able to help but snuggle with him! He's made with high-quality materials, so you know he's as squishy and huggable as can be.

Donald Duck is dressed in his classic sailor outfit, complete with a cap and shirt. Add him to your Squishmallow collection today! It will also be a good idea to get hold of Daisy if you don't want to see that bad temper of Donald!

daisy duck squishmallow
Daisy Duck

Winnie the Pooh

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Meet Winnie the Pooh, everyone's favorite cuddly bear from the Hundred Acre Wood. This soft and squeezable stuffed animal is made of high-quality materials that will hold up to hours of love and snuggling.

Pooh is an adorable character and always there for his friends, ready to lend a helping hand - or just share a pot of honey with you. So don't be afraid to give him a good squeeze; he'll love it!

Timon and Pumbaa squishmallow

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Welcome, Timon the Meerkat and Pumbaa the Warthog, your new squishmallow friends from The Lion King! They will offer comfort, support, and warmth – perfect for anyone who needs a little bit of Hakuna Matata in their lives.

These lovable characters are made from soft, high-quality materials and are free from any problems – so you can enjoy them stress-free.

"Although the force was hidden, one day she let it go

And all the land was covered in eternal ice and snow."

Okay, she may not be an official Disney Princess, but Elsa, from Frozen, is still included in Disney Princess merchandise. And if you've watched Frozen with your child a million times, then you know how adorable she is.

Add this detailed Elsa plush with her shimmery blue dress to your Squishmallows collection. Just Let it Go and add a little magic to your day with this enchanting Elsa plush.

“Some People are Worth Melting For.”

Olaf the snowman was brought to life by Elsa, and now you can bring him to life too with this soft and huggable plush! He's always ready for a warm hug, just like in the movie.

He's always happy and open-armed, just waiting for a squishy good time. Bring him home today and let the fun begin! Just don't store him and let Olaf melt away, get him today and add some Frozen fun to your collection!

Moana is the last of the Disney princesses with her own movie. If you're anything like Moana, you inherited a love of the sea and a desire to voyage. Well, we've got the perfect collectible for you!

Add this detailed and soft plush Moana with her tapa top and pandanus skirt to your Squishmallows collection. This Disney collectible is perfect for Moana fans of all ages. Join her on her heroic journey across the seas to save this world!

Lilo Squishmallow- a soft, squeezable, and totally lovable plush toy straight from the heart of Hawaii. This lonely little girl is looking for a new squad to call her own, and she's ready to join your Disney collection today.

So cuddle up with her and show her some love- she's sure to give you plenty in return.

As they said, "Family means nobody gets left behind", you cannot bring home Lilo, without Stitch. Stitch is the most adorable and huggable blue alien around, well he has changed completely since the time he came to Earth!

This classic plush toy is made from soft polyester fiber and has a marshmallow-like texture that's perfect for cuddling. Whether you're a fan of Lilo & Stitch or just looking for a sweet and snuggly buddy, you can't go wrong with Stitch Squishmallow!

Buzz Lightyear

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"To infinity and Beyond"

Calling all space fans! Add this detailed and classic Buzz Lightyear plush with his Space Command Space suit to your Squishmallows collection.

Buzz is the most famous space ranger from Pixar studios and is here to save the day. Order him today and just wait for the shipping period before you can join him in his space adventures.

This is an intergalactic emergency! Bring him home and don't put the future of this entire universe in jeopardy!

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Final Dreamy Squish

The Disney Squishmallow squad has some super soft, cuddly toys that are perfect for little ones. Their unique design and colorful characters are sure to please any child - not to mention, it’s machine washable so it can be kept clean and fresh.

If you’re looking for a great gift idea for your child or any loved one in your life, the Disney Squishmallows are definitely worth considering, no matter the price.

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