How to Start a Propane Fire Pit & Keep it Burning (A Quick Read)

Camping is even more fun when you add a propane fire pit to the fold. Not only do they give off as much heat as regular campfires, but they're easy to use and require less hassle - perfect for those chilly nights! Check out our article on how to get your propane fire pit started & keep it burning

A propane fire pit is a great addition to any campsite. They are easy to use and give off a lot of heat like campfires, without the extra hassles, making them perfect for chilly

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to start a propane fire pit.

How to light propane fire pit

1) Gather your supplies.

You will need a propane tank, a regulator, a gas hose, a fire pit, and some matches. Make sure everything is in working order before you begin.

2) Hook up the propane tank to the regulator.

Hand-tighten the connection until it is snug. Do not over-tighten as this could cause damage connecting point.

3) Connect the gas hose to the regulator. Again, tighten the connection until it is snug.

4) Place the fire pit on a level surface away from any flammable materials.

5) Open the valve on the propane tank slowly. This will allow gas to flow into the fire pit.

6) Use a fire starter to ignite the gas. Hold the flame about 6 inches from the opening of the fire pit. Slowly turn up the flow of gas until the flame is about 2 inches high.

7) Enjoy your fire!

A propane fire pit is a great way to stay warm while camping. They are easy to use and give off a lot of heat. But it cannot be always a smooth experience and keep going out.

Know How to light a propane fire pit and keep it burning
Know How to light a propane fire pit and keep it burning

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Why Does My Propane Fire Pit Keep Going Out?

If you're a camper, then you know there's nothing like sitting around a cozy fire at night. But what do you do when your propane fire pit keeps going out? Here are a few potential reasons why your propane fire pit may not be performing as well as you'd like.

Check These Out

1. The first reason why your propane fire pit may keep going out is that the regulator could be set too low. The regulator controls the flow of gas to the burner. If it's set too low, then not enough gas is getting to the burner and the flame will go out. Check to see if the regulator is turned all the way up. If it is, then try opening the valve a little bit more.

2. Another reason why your propane fire pit may keep going out is that there could be a problem with the gas line. If there are any kinks in the gas line, then that could restrict the flow of gas to the burner and cause the flame to go out. Inspect the gas line to make sure there are no kinks or leaks.

3. Finally, another reason why your propane fire pit may keep going out is that there might not be enough ventilation. If there isn't enough air flowing into the fire, then it will eventually go out. Make sure there are no obstructions around the fire pit that could block airflow and cause the fire to go out.

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