The Best Turkey Box Calls Can Be the Key to Your Hunting Success

Don't let a bad turkey call ruin your hunt! Check out our reviews of the best turkey box calls, plus tips and tricks to help you master your technique and attract more birds to your location.

Are you tired of spending countless hours in the woods without a single turkey to show for it?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the gag reflex caused by mouth calls or tired of losing or breaking your striker for your slate calls? If this sounds like you, then a turkey box call is the perfect option for you to lure in those prized toms!

Box calls are the charmers of the turkey world, capable of enticing those elusive, wily birds right into your sights. As a turkey hunter, I can tell you, there's nothing sweeter than hearing that gobbler's distant call before reeling him in with a well-timed yelp on your box call.

In this article, we'll guide you through everything you need to know about turkey box calls and also share our views on some of our favorite turkey box calls on the market.

But, with the plethora of options on the market, finding the right one can be a challenge. Fear not, fellow turkey enthusiasts, for I have scoured the web, conducted field tests, and done the legwork to bring you the ultimate guide to the best turkey box calls on the market.

So, grab your turkey hunting gear, and let's begin your journey to becoming a master turkey caller. Get ready to gobble up some success!

Benefits of Turkey Box Calls

Turkey box calls are a type of friction call that hunters have used for centuries. They are popular among turkey hunters because they offer a variety of benefits:

Beginner Friendly

The box call is one of the most accessible types of calls to learn. It's easy to master a few simple yelps and clucks with a minimum of practice, making it great for beginners just starting out in turkey hunting.

Improved Success Rate in Turkey Hunting

Turkey box calls are known for their loud volume and long-range capabilities. This makes them ideal for drawing in gobblers from far away distances. The shape of the box also helps to create a realistic sound that is sure to attract the attention of any nearby turkeys. With the proper technique, you can quickly draw in multiple birds with just one call.

Versatility in Sound Production

Another great benefit of a turkey box call is its versatility in producing different sounds. You can make clucks, yelps, purrs, and even kee-kees with just one call.

This allows you to experiment with various sounds until you find the best one for your situation. Additionally, some box calls are made with manmade materials such as plastic which helps ensure consistency of sound every time you use it.

Lightweight and Easy to Carry

Unlike other types of turkey calls which require additional equipment or accessories, the turkey box call is lightweight and easy to carry around. This makes it convenient for hunters who need to move around quickly or cover large areas during their hunt.

It also eliminates the need for bulky gear which can be cumbersome and uncomfortable in the field.

Cost-Effective Compared To Other Types Of Calls

A turkey box call may not be priced similarly to a mouth call, but they are cost-effective compared to other calls such as slate or push button calls which can be pretty expensive depending on the brand and model you choose.

This makes them an attractive option for those who want quality without breaking the bank. Additionally, many manufacturers offer warranties on their products so you can rest assured that your investment will last for years.

Ability To Produce Different Turkey Vocalizations

Finally, another great benefit of using a turkey box call is its ability to produce different vocalizations depending on its use. By experimenting with various techniques such as changing your speed or pressure on the striker (the lid), you can create unique sounds that will help attract turkeys from all directions.

With practice and patience, you’ll soon be able to master this skill and increase your chances of success in the field!

How to Use Turkey Box Calls

If you're a newbie hunter, you may find it helpful to use a turkey box call for attracting turkeys from a distance. With this device, you can make various vocalizations, and it's pretty easy to use and maintain. However, there are a few things to remember before using it.

Choosing the Right Box Call

When choosing a box call, there are a few things you should consider.

First, you'll want to ensure it's made of quality materials lasting through multiple hunting seasons.

You'll also want to make sure it produces realistic sounds that will attract turkeys in your area.

Finally, you'll want to find one that is comfortable to hold and use.

Understanding Turkey Behavior and Using Box Calls Accordingly

It's essential not only to know how to use your box call correctly but also when to use it to attract turkeys in your area. Turkeys have different behaviors depending on their age group so understanding these behaviors is critical when using your box calls effectively.

For example, jakes (young male turkeys) respond best when they hear aggressive cutting or cackling sounds while older gobblers prefer softer purring or yelping sounds because they are looking for hens during mating season.

Knowing which vocalizations work best in particular situations will help you become more successful while hunting with your box calls!

Proper Handling and Maintenance of Box Calls

It is essential to take care of your box calls if you want them to last through multiple hunting seasons. Be sure not to grip the box too much as this can cause damage over time; leave as much area untouched so your hand does not absorb any vibration from the sound produced by the call.

Additionally, store your calls in a dry place away from extreme temperatures as this can cause warping or cracking over time which could affect their sound quality negatively. With proper care and maintenance, your turkey boxes will last many years!

Using a Turkey Box Call

Now that you understand the benefits of using a turkey box call, it's time to learn how to use one. Here are the steps you should follow to produce realistic turkey sounds:

1.   Get the correct grip

Hold the turkey box call firmly in your non-dominant hand with your thumb resting on the paddle. Your fingers should be wrapped around the body of the call. Use your dominant hand to hold the striker.

2.    Make the basic sounds

To produce the basic turkey sounds, hold the paddle down with your thumb and drag the striker across the call's surface. Start with a soft, low-pitched yelp and work up to a loud, high-pitched yelp. You can also practice producing purrs, clucks, and cackles.

3.  Practice different scenarios

Once you have the basic sounds down, it's time to practice using them in different hunting scenarios. Try producing a series of soft yelps to attract birds in close, or a loud, excited series of yelps to get a tom's attention from a distance. Practice using the call to mimic the sounds of multiple turkeys, which can make a gobbler feel more comfortable approaching your location.

4.   Use the call strategically

When using a turkey box call in the field, it's essential to use it strategically. Don't overuse the call, as this can make birds wary and cause them to avoid your location. Instead, use it sparingly, and only when you feel it's necessary to get a bird's attention or bring them in closer.

Producing Different Turkey Vocalizations with Box Calls

To cluck on a box call, pop the paddle off the call's lip with short upward strokes. To yelp, lightly scrape and stroke the paddle across the lip of the call in a circular motion. For purring sounds, slide the lid across the rail slowly and evenly until you get a rhythm.

Finally, for cutting or cackling sounds, quickly move the paddle back and forth across both lips of the call at once. With practice and patience, you'll be able to master these techniques!

Top Turkey Box Calls on the Market

Our favorite turkey call is the Lynch World Champion Turkey Box Call, which we mentioned in our article on the Best turkey calls. However, if you want to explore other options before purchasing a call for this spring turkey season, we have listed our top picks.

HS Strut Slingblade

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Looking for a turkey call that's easy to use? Look no further than the Hunter Specialties Slingblade Box Call! With its intuitive design and top-notch sound quality, this one-sided box call is the ultimate choice for hunters of all levels.

Crafted from high-quality American walnut and featuring an exotic purple heart lid, the Slingblade is as stylish as it is functional. And with its unique design, it's virtually foolproof when producing accurate, attention-grabbing turkey sounds.

But don't just take our word for it- try the Slingblade out for yourself and see why hunters everywhere are raving about this innovative turkey call. Whether a seasoned pro or a beginner, you can't go wrong with the Hunter Specialties Slingblade Box Call.

So why not add one to your hunting arsenal today?

Woodhaven Custom Calls The Real Hen Cherry Box

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If you’re a turkey hunter, and looking for a traditional box call that can produce realistic sounds then the Woodhaven Custom Calls The Real Hen is the call for you.

This all-in-one design features a one-piece cherry trough-style box and a matching Brazilian cherry lid that looks as great as it sounds. Relying on a unique two-tone raspy yelp sound, this call helps to create the most realistic sounding calls out there.

With The Real Hen Cherry Box, you can make more authentic clucks, cutts, and cackles that turkeys won't resist. Ready right out of the box with pre-chalking and further adjustments easily made due to its higher pitched level, this is any hunter’s dream come true.

So if you're serious about turkey hunting, don’t miss out on Woodhaven Custom Calls The Real Hen Cherry Box!

Primos Hunting Hook-Up Magnetic Box Call

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Looking to up your hunting game and attract those elusive turkeys? Look no further than the Primos Hunting Hook-Up Magnetic Box Call. This little gadget packs a big punch when delivering the perfect call every time.

Unlike other calls, it has a patented magnetic lid, and with its ultra-strong magnet, you'll have no trouble holding the paddle at just the right angle for that crisp cut or smooth purr. You'll never have to worry about too much or too little tension with this call– it's always right.

This box call is perfect for both beginners and seasoned hunters alike. Whether you want to achieve a realistic Yelp or a soft purr, this little box will deliver the goods every time.

And let's not forget about its practicality. The detachable paddle means you can carry it silently – no more clanging and clattering to give away your position.

So if you're serious about hunting and want to take your skills to the next level, the Primos Hunting Hook-Up Magnetic Box Call is a must-have in your arsenal. Happy hunting!

ESH Custom Calls Turkey Box Call

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Are you tired of turkey calls that don't quite cut it? The ESH Custom Calls Turkey Box Call is the real deal – an all-weather call with those gobblers flocking towards you faster than you can say "Thanksgiving dinner."

This box call is hand-carved and hand-assembled in the USA. It means that every single one of these calls is made with the passion and precision of a true hunting expert.

The ESH Custom Calls Turkey Box Call has a special coating that keeps it working in all kinds of weather, so you can call and keep hunting in the rain, the snow, the sleet, or whatever else Mother Nature throws your way. Plus, the deep, rich hen sounds will have even the wisest old tom scratching his head (and maybe even his feathers) in confusion.

This call doesn't just imitate normal clucks and yelps, it's got fly-down cackles and excited cutting, too. You'll be the envy of all the other hunters in the forest with this kind of range.

So, step up your game with the ESH Custom Calls Turkey Box Call and let the hunting season begin!

Quaker Boy - The Box Turkey Call

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This season, ensure you have the secret weapon in your turkey hunting arsenal - the Quaker Boy - The Box Turkey Call. With this budget-friendly call, you can attract the largest and most challenging turkeys with ease!

Designed by experienced turkey hunters for both novice and veteran hunters alike, this two-sided box call is an affordable yet powerful weapon that takes up very little room in your turkey vest or backpack. Producing loud yelps easily is like having a much more expensive call without paying for it.

Experience how simple and easy it is to get even the most stubborn turkeys to respond! The Quaker Boy - The Box Turkey Call will help you take your turkey hunting game to the next level, without costing an arm and a leg. Get yours today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you new to turkey hunting and confused about using a box call? You're not alone!

In this section, we'll answer some of the most frequently asked questions about turkey box calls, from how to choose the right one to use it effectively in the field.

Whether you're a seasoned turkey hunter or just starting out, this guide will help you master the art of using a turkey box call, and score big this hunting season!

What are the best turkey box calls?

When it comes to turkey box calls, the best ones are those that are handmade and provide realistic hen sounds. Wood is an essential factor in choosing a box call, with hardwoods such as black walnut, oak, cherry, or mahogany being ideal for producing the best sound.

Our favorite is the Lynch World Champion Turkey Box Call for its superior sound quality, while the Primos Hook-Up Magnetic Box Call is an excellent pick for its price point. For those looking for a more traditional option with a beautiful box, the Woodhaven Walnut Real Hen is one of the highest quality on the market.

What are turkey box calls made of?

Turkey box calls are traditionally made of hardwoods such as black walnut, oak, cherry, or mahogany. These woods provide the perfect resonance and sound quality for a realistic turkey call. The craftsmanship that goes into making these calls is second to none and each one is hand-made with care.

Some turkey box calls also have materials like plastic or aluminum added to the design to create even more unique sounds. With the right combination of woods and other materials and the proper technique, you can create various sounds from soft purrs to raspy yelps that will attract even the wariest of gobblers.

How do you hold a turkey box call?

Holding a turkey box call is easy once you get the hang of it. The key is to hold the box call with the hinge facing away from you and your thumb on top of the lid. Then, you can use your other hand to slide the paddle across the rail and create a purring sound.

You can also make a gobble by holding the bottom of the call with the handle pointing upward and vigorously shaking it from side to side. With practice, you'll be able to master these techniques and become an expert turkey caller!

What wood is best for box call?

The best wood for crafting a turkey box call is hardwood. Black walnut, oak, cherry, and mahogany are all great-sounding woods that will produce clear yelps and raspy sounds. Cedar is also a good choice as it produces clean yelps and can be built to produce raspy sounds if desired. Poplar is also a great choice for the box of the call, while maple and cherry make excellent strikers.

Other popular woods include chestnut, bloodwood, limba, purpleheart, ebony, butternut, and mahogany. For added distinction in your sound, you can use special woods like gunstock or River Wood which is old-growth pine. Experiment with different types of wood to find the perfect sound for your box call!

What is the difference between a box call and a slate call?

When it comes to turkey hunting, box calls and slate calls are two of the most popular types of turkey calls and both of these are friction calls. Box calls produce a louder, more raspy sound than slate calls, which have a higher-pitched, softer tone. Box calls are made from wood and feature a paddle that is rubbed against the side of the box to create a yelp or cluck.

Slate calls are made from slate and require a striker to be used on the surface to create sound. Both types of calls can be used to attract turkeys, but they each have their own unique advantages.

Box calls are great for long-range calling, while slate calls are better for close-range calling. Ultimately, it's up to you as the hunter to decide which type of call works best for your situation.

Final Thoughts on Turkey Box Calls

We hope you have gained some valuable insights into the benefits of using these calls and the different types available. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced hunter, a good quality turkey box call can make a significant difference in your hunting experience this Spring Turkey season.

So, why not take the next step and check out our top picks for the best turkey box calls on Amazon? By clicking the 'Check Price on Amazon' button and adding one of our recommended calls to your shopping cart, you'll be well on your way to bagging that big tom.

Don't wait any longer, make your purchase today and take your turkey hunting to the next level!

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