Unscented Aroma Beads: The New Secret to Fresh Smelling Spaces

Unscented aroma beads are perfect to make any space smell amazing without using any harsh chemicals or artificial fragrances. Not only do these beads make your home smell great, but they can also help to reduce stress levels and create a more calming atmosphere. Find out more.

Looking for a way to make your home smell amazing without using any harsh chemicals or artificial fragrances?

Unscented aroma beads are the perfect way to achieve this! These tiny little beads can be placed in any room in your house and will release a lovely, natural scent that will last for hours.

Not only do these beads make your home smell great, but they also have other benefits. They can also help to reduce stress levels and create a more calming atmosphere.

Read our article today to know more about them and purchase unscented aroma beads today from our top picks!

Unscented aroma beads are small, porous, plastic-like pellets that absorb and hold scent molecules, allowing them to be released slowly over time. These plastic beads are similar to scent beads but they do not contain any added fragrance.

They are also somewhat similar to smelly jelly as they absorb odor molecules and allow you to add your own fragrance (oils or sprays) and these beads can lock them in for up to 6 months!

They are a great way to add any fragrance oils of your choice to any room or space without overwhelming people with strong perfumes. They're perfect for people who find traditional air fresheners too overbearing and want something that is more subtle and natural-smelling.

Aroma beads don't contain any artificial additives, so they are non-toxic, non-allergenic, and safe to use for both children and pets. This is a safer and more environmentally-friendly option, as it does not release any harmful chemicals into the environment. They come in various colors and shapes, adding a nice decorative touch when placed inside display jars or scented bags.

Their popularity is due to the fact that they have a low price, are long-lasting, and can be used with virtually any scent imaginable. With these beads, you can effortlessly have your home smelling fresh and inviting all the time! These beads can be used in potpourri, as car freshies, for masking unpleasant odors in closets, and drawers, or as an alternative to a scented candle in aromatherapy. They also make excellent housewarming gifts.

Plantational Unscented Aroma Beads

Best Overall

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These beads are perfect for when you want to enjoy the fresh smell of the herbal fragrance of your choice without any of the pesky chemical scents. Just add a few drops of your favorite essential oil and these beads will hold onto the scent, releasing it slowly and steadily into the air.

The high-quality Ethylene Vinyl Acetate material makes these beads flexible and helps them hold 20% of their weight in fragrance oil content, so they can keep your space smelling great for weeks on end.

Freshie Me This Premium Aroma Beads

Best for Crafts

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These beads are the perfect way to enjoy your favorite scents without any fuss. Made in America from high-quality EVA, these beads absorb scent and color faster and retain them longer than other brands.

They are also perfect for arts & crafts projects! They're transparent so you can watch them work their magic! They hold on to color well, dry quickly, and remain non-stick, making them perfect for DIY art projects, air fresheners, or car freshies. And the best part is, they come with clear printed 'How To' instructions for DIY projects.

Aozzy Unscented Aroma Beads

Best with Sachet Bags

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These clear unscented beads are perfect for the person who prepares their own freshies and doesn't want their car to smell like a flower shop. Made from high-quality EVA, each clear 2mm bead can absorb up to 30% of its weight in the fragrance oil of your choice, making your car smell amazing! And they also come with 10 colorful organza bags, just put a few in the sachet bag and they will be perfect as your own soothing air freshener.

Mubyok Freshie Making kit with Beads

Complete Freshie Kit

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The Mubyok Freshie Making kit is a great gift for any art lover. This kit is also great for the environmentally conscious among us. These clear EVA Copolymer beads will let you make freshies that are unique and all your own. With plenty of DIY possibilities, this starter kit ensures that every freshie is special.

It contains high-quality silicone molds with detailed designs, making it easy to create your own freshie masterpiece. The kit also comes with a host of other goodies, making it the perfect way to get creative.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you commit to Unscented Aroma Beads, you may have many queries. To assist with eliminating any apprehensions and providing confidence when purchasing products from us, we've responded to some of the commonly asked questions about these small pellets below!

What do you do with unscented aroma beads?

Unscented aroma beads are used in a variety of ways. They can be used to make potpourri, car freshies, fragrance diffusers, or fill sachet bags or glass containers and used as decorative pieces. Some people like to use these beads to prepare DIY air fresheners for closets and drawers.

These beads can also be placed in an oil burner to enjoy the subtle fragrances that are emitted. You can mix and match your favorite scents to create a unique custom fragrance. You can also add essential oils to these beads to give them an extra scent boost! The possibilities are endless with unscented aroma beads!

How long do aroma bead Freshies last?

Aroma bead freshies should last for up to six months when used correctly and depending on the place where they are kept. If the unscented beads become saturated with odor molecules, they may need to be refreshed sooner than that.

Will aroma beads soak up perfume?

Yes, aroma beads will absorb perfume. The strength of the scent depends on the type and concentration of the fragrance in the perfume.

How long do aroma beads last?

Aroma beads are unscented and can last a long time. If stored properly, unscented aroma beads have been known to maintain their scent for up to two years. After this, the capacity of these beads to absorb the fragrance that you put on them tends to decrease. To get the most out of your aroma beads, store them in an airtight container away from direct sunlight or any other heat source.

Are poly beads and aroma beads the same thing?

No, unscented poly beads and unscented aroma beads are different products. Aroma beads are made from a special EVA polymer that absorbs fragrance oils and slowly releases the scent over time. These beads can be used as air fresheners or potpourri in sachets or wax melts. 

Poly beads, on the other hand, are unscented, non-absorbent beads made from polyethylene and are often used in craft projects as accents or decorations. They can also be placed in containers and used as part of a decorative look. Aroma beads have a much stronger scent than unscented poly beads.

How do unscented aroma beads work?

These aroma beads act like mini sponges that absorb and trap odors. The unscented beads are porous, so they attract odor molecules like a magnet. When the unscented bead becomes saturated with odor molecules, it can be disposed of or refreshed with a scent refresher spray.

Are unscented aroma beads safe to use?

Yes, unscented aroma beads are safe for use around children and pets. They’re non-toxic and biodegradable, so they won’t pollute the environment or leave any residue on surfaces.

How can unscented aroma beads be refreshed?

To refresh aroma beads, you can use scent refresher spray. Spray the unscented beads with the refresher, and allow them to dry before replacing them where desired. You can also dip them in fragrance oils. The beads will be refreshed and ready for use again.

Final Thoughts

The unscented beads are a great way to keep your surroundings smelling fresh without any harsh smells. We’ve found that the lavender and chamomile scents work best with the unscented aroma beads, but you can use any essential oils that you like.

These aroma beads make a great gift for someone who is sensitive to smells or for people who just want to color them up and place them as decorative pieces in glass jars. So stock up on them, and get creative this festive season!

unscented aroma beads

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