From Chopping Firewood to Building Shelters: The Best Camping Saws for Every Task

When it comes to camping, having the right gear can make all the difference. In this article, we'll discuss everything about the best camping saws on the market and help you choose the perfect one for your needs!

Camping is a blast, but it can be tough to set up your campsite without the right gear.

A good camping saw is one of the most important pieces of gear that you can bring with you. With the right saw, you'll be able to easily cut through logs and branches, making it easy to set up your campsite.

In this article, we will review the best camping saws on the market. We'll discuss the pros and cons of each one so that you can decide which one is right for you!

Read our in-depth reviews of the best camping saws on the market and know which is the perfect one for your needs!

How We Picked The Best Camping Saw For You

There are a lot of camping saws on the market, and it can be hard to figure out which one is right for you.

With all of the different types of camping saws on the market, it can be tough to decide which one is perfect for your needs. Do you want a bow saw or a hand saw or maybe a chainsaw? What size should your camping saw be?

We've done the research for you. We have read thousands of feedback on several forums, as well as Amazon reviews, and contacted owners of these saws to pick the best camping saw for your needs. No matter what your requirements are, we have something that will surely fit your needs.

We know you want the best, so we work hard to provide it. Our team of experts is constantly selecting products for our site that meet high standards and offer great value too! Our opinions are based on independent trials and tests but as an Amazon Associate, we earn from some qualifying purchases. This helps us to keep the site running without costing anything extra for you.

Best Overall

Bahco Laplander Folding Saw

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Why you will love it

Looking for reliable and sturdy camping saw to take with you on your next outdoor adventure? Then check out the Bahco Laplander. This tough little saw is specially designed for wildlife enthusiasts, hunters, and campers, and is equipped with a safety locking mechanism for both lock-in and lock-out.

The Bahco Laplander features a two-component plastic handle that is slightly curved and without any contour, providing you with a perfect grip. It also comes with a leather strap so you can easily carry it with you wherever you go. The saw blades are made of high-quality Swedish steel for durability and long-lasting sharpness.

Whether you're looking to cut through small branches or larger logs, the Laplander is up for the task.

This saw also comes with a limited lifetime warranty, so you can be confident that it will last you for many years to come.

What you should know

Weight - 7.1 oz.

Handle - Plastic

Teeth Per Inch - 7

Blade Length - 7.5"

Blade - Stainless Steel

Item Dimensions - 3.1" x 3.1" x 4.65"

You can cut any pece of log effortlessly with Bahco Laplander Folding Saw
Cutting with Bahco Laplander Folding Saw is Effortless

The Bahco Laplander is one of the best camping saws we have seen and it can handle a variety of materials flawlessly. The 7-1/2 -inch blade is made of high-quality steel with a special coating that protects against rust and friction.

The XT hardpoint toothing provides seven teeth per inch, making it ideal for cutting both green or dry wood (up to 4" diameter), plastic, or bone. The low-friction coating further enhances the saw's performance by reducing resistance and making it easier to make clean cuts.

As a result, the Bahco Laplander is an excellent choice for anyone who needs a versatile, high-performance camping saw without adding up a lot of weight to their camping luggage.

What could have been better

The Bahco Laplander is a great, lightweight camping saw that is easy to carry, and very easy to use. Its blades are made of sharp high-quality steel.

The only downside is that it doesn't come with a pouch or carry case. We really wish it did, because it would be nice to have a place to put it when we're not using it. Otherwise, this is a great saw for camping and backpacking.

Best Value for Money

Corona Tools 10-Inch RazorTOOTH

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Why you will love it

Looking for a top-quality saw that will make your life easier? Look no further than the Corona Tools 10-Inch RazorTOOTH!

This ergonomically designed and comfortable saw is perfect for extended use, and its easy-to-latch blade prevents injury when not in use. The taper-ground and curved blade are also easily replaceable, making this saw an excellent choice for anyone who wants a durable and long-lasting tool.

What you should know

Weight - 12.8 oz.

Blade Length - 10"

Teeth Per Inch - 6

Item Dimensions - 1" x 2.68" x 12"

Corona Tools 10-Inch RazorTOOTH Features
Corona Tools 10-Inch RazorTOOTH

The Corona Tools 10-Inch RazorTOOTH is a great choice for anyone looking for an efficient way to cut small to medium branches. The 3-sided razor teeth make for quick and smooth cuts, while the impulse hardened teeth extend the life of the tool.

The Corona features a curved blade, which allows for faster cutting. With up to 6 teeth per inch, this saw is sure to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

What could have been better

The Corona Tools 10-Inch RazorTOOTH saw is a great tool for many purposes. However, it may not be the ideal solution if you are looking to use it for gardening purposes.

The main reason for this is that it lacks the precision that is often necessary when working with plants. Additionally, the saw can be quite aggressive, making it difficult to control. So using the Corona Tools 10-Inch RazorTOOTH blade is not the best idea for your gardening requirements.

Also, for its size and dimensions, it might not be the perfect saw for a hiking trip. However, if you want a great camping saw that will power aggressively through everything you throw at it, then this saw is for you.

Best Pro Level

Silky GomBoy Professional Folding Saw

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Why you will love it

The Silky GomBoy Professional Saw is the perfect solution for a myriad of cutting applications. With its refined Japanese cutting technology, this saw can deliver precise cuts every time. The blade is extremely sharp and it can easily cut through wood with its pull-back action.

Additionally, the clear plastic hinged carrying case provides a convenient way to store and transport the saw, making it perfect for use on the go.

What you should know

Weight - 7.1 oz.

Blade - Steel

Blade Length - 9.45"

Teeth Per Inch - 8.5

Item Dimensions - 19.7" x 2.4" x 0.8"

Cutting With a Silky GomBoy Professional Folding Saw
Cutting With a Silky GomBoy Professional Folding Saw

The GomBoy Professional is the perfect tool for anyone who loves to garden or spend time outdoors. The precision-ground, impulse-hardened teeth make it easy to cut through even the toughest of materials, and the Japanese-quality handle ensures a comfortable grip. The spring-loaded blade lock mechanism keeps the blade securely in place, making it safe and easy to use.

The blade is specially built with Japanese steel and superior craftsmanship along with its well-designed curvature will make cutting an art. You can use this saw to cut wood precisely for all your landscaping purposes.

Whether you need a pruning saw or a heavier cutting tool for chopping firewood, this camping saw is always up to the task. It makes an excellent gift for any occasion and is sure to be used and appreciated for years to come. Just make sure to look for the word "Professional" etched on the blade to avoid the thin blade version designed for the Japanese market only.

What could have been better

The Silky GomBoy Professional Folding Saw is a great tool for a variety of tasks, from pruning bushes to trimming tree branches. However, as some users have pointed out, the top of the blade can be a bit fragile.

Also, it features a wide handle design, which though provides an excellent grip, might feel a bit uncomfortable to hold for people with smaller hands. These are not necessarily deal-breakers, but it is just something to be aware of.

However, for most pruning and trimming tasks, and all other camping activities, the GomBoy Professional will be a great choice.

Best Budget

Mossy Oak 3-In-1 Folding Hand Saw

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Why you will love it

Looking for an affordable camping saw that can tackle anything? Look no further than the Mossy Oak 3-In-1 Folding Hand Saw. This budget-friendly saw is perfect for any camper, with its ergonomic slip-resistant comfort grip handle and easily adjustable blade.

The blade securely locks into two different angle positions for a smooth and easy cut, making it perfect for any job. Whether you're cutting through branches or carving a new hiking trail, the Mossy Oak 3-In-1 Folding Hand Saw is up to the task.

So don't leave home for camping without it - grab your Mossy Oak 3-In-1 Folding Hand Saw today!

What you should know

Weight - 9.1 oz.

Blade Length - 7.5"/8"

Teeth Per Inch - 5/11/18

Item Dimensions - 9.45" x 2.36" x 1.18"

3 Blades of Mossy Oak Folding Saw
3 Blades of Mossy Oak Folding Saw

The Mossy Oak 3-In-1 Folding Hand Saw is a versatile and easy-to-use saw that is perfect for a variety of tasks. Featuring three different types of blades, the saw can easily cut through wood, bone, plastic, and metal.

The wood blade is sharp, and cuts smoothly with its 5TPI design and 7.5" blade length, while the plastic blade has an 11TPI 8" blade. The metal blade features an 18TPI design and a blade length of 7.5" and is also highly efficient. The saw also comes with a convenient carrying pouch, making it easy to take with you on the go.

Whether you're heading out into the wilderness or just need a reliable saw for around the house, the Mossy Oak 3-In-1 Folding Hand Saw is a great choice if you have a strict budget.

What could have been better

The Mossy Oak 3-In-1 Folding Hand Saw is a useful tool for anyone who needs to do some light cutting. The saw has a small, compact design that makes it easy to carry and store.

However, there is a small design flaw that can cause the blade to move upward while you are cutting. The light green part of the saw holds the blade locking mechanism. It is located in a position where your thumb tends to go when you apply pressure while cutting.

As a result, you may inadvertently hit the lock and release the blade. To avoid this, you need to be aware of the location of the blade lock and make sure that your thumb does not hit it while you are cutting.

Despite this small flaw, the Mossy Oak 3-In-1 Folding Hand Saw is still a good choice for anyone who needs a lightweight and compact saw.

Cutting with  Mossy Oak 3-In-1 Folding Hand Saw
Cutting with Mossy Oak 3-In-1 Folding Saw

Worthy Contenders

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Agawa Boreal21 Bow Saw
Agawa Boreal21 Bow Saw

Agawa Boreal21 Bow Saw

The Agawa Boreal21 is a heavy-duty collapsible bow saw that can cut through some serious wood. It features an anodized 6063 aluminum frame and a fiberglass-reinforced nylon handle for durability.

Stainless steel hardware and hardened, coated saw blades provide long-lasting performance. The saw also has an automatic blade tensioning system that keeps the blade tight without getting loose.

This saw is perfect for camping, trail clearing, canoeing, and more. However, its size and weight can make it difficult for some people to manage.

If you are looking for a high-quality bow saw, and willing to pay the price for it as well, the Agawa Boreal21 is a great option.

Zippo AxeSaw

Zippo AxeSaw
Zippo AxeSaw

The Zippo AxeSaw is a versatile tool that is essential for any trip into the woods. It can be used as a mallet, bow saw, and hatchet, making it a versatile addition to any camping gear.

The axe head is made from 5" stainless steel for durability, and the handle is made from durable polymer with saw blade storage for convenience.

The blade is 15" long and made from hardened stainless steel for strength and durability. You can easily attach or detach the blade according to your usage. The Zippo AxeSaw also comes with a safety sheath for safe storage and transportation.

It's an excellent tool that tries to do a lot but puts in too much work. However, if you try to use it just for one purpose, you'll notice its shortcomings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

People are often intimidated by camping saws because they don't know how to use them.

A lot of people avoid these folding saws because they're afraid of using them incorrectly and injuring themselves.

We've put together this guide to answer the most common questions about camping saws. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about safely using a camping saw.

What do you use a folding saw for?

A folding saw is a great tool for many different jobs around the house or on the job site. Here are just a few of the things you can use a folding saw for:

-Trimming branches and tree limbs

-Cutting through a PVC pipe or other stubborn materials

-Cutting drywall or wood paneling

-Creating notches in lumber for construction projects

-Penetrating through layers of heavy-duty packaging material

Do you need a folding saw for camping?

A folding saw is a great camping accessory to have, especially if you're doing any kind of wood processing (e.g., making firewood). They're small, lightweight, and easy to stow away in your pack.

There are a variety of different types/brands of folding saws on the market, so it's important to do your research before purchasing one. Some things you may want to consider when selecting a folding saw include: the size and type of blade, the weight, and dimensions of the saw itself, ease of use (e.g., does it have a comfortable grip?), and price.

What are the different types of folding saws?

There are several different types of folding saws on the market, but most camping saws belong to either one of the following categories :

The hand saw is probably the most familiar type of folding saw, and it's a small version of the traditional lumbering saw. It has a long, thin blade that's ideal for cutting through relatively small pieces of wood.

The bow saw is similar to the hand saw, but it has a curved blade that allows you to make quick, powerful strokes when cutting. It's perfect for felling trees or chopping logs into firewood for your open fire camp kitchen.

The coping saw is designed specifically for delicate work, such as carving intricate designs in wood or metal. The narrow blade and small size of the coping saw make it ideal for working in tight spaces.

Which type of camping saw is best for you?

The best type of camping saw for you depends on what you need it for. If you're just looking for a general-purpose saw to use around the campsite, then a hand saw or bow saw will suffice.

However, if you need a saw for more specific tasks, such as carving wood or metal, then you'll want to opt for a coping saw.

No matter which type of camping saw you choose, be sure to read the instructions carefully and always practice safety when using it.

How do I choose a folding saw?

When choosing a folding saw, there are several things you'll want to keep in mind, including the:

Purpose: How often will you be using the saw? What do you plan on using the saw for? What types of materials will you be cutting? Will you be cutting through thick branches or thin twigs? How much space do you have to store your tools? Knowing the purpose will help determine the size and blade type needed.

Blade Type: There are two main types of blades - curved and straight. Curved blades are better for cutting thicker branches while straight blades are best for precision work.

Blade Length: Consider the length of the blade in relation to what you will be cutting. Longer blades can cut through thicker material, but shorter blades are more maneuverable.

Teeth per inch (TPI): The TPI refers to how many teeth are on one inch of the blade. A higher TPI means smoother cuts while a lower TPI means faster and rougher cuts. Determine what type of cutting job you'll use your saw for before selecting a specific TPI.

Folding Mechanism: Look for a folding mechanism that is easy to use and secure when folded and unfolded.

Handle Comfort: Make sure the handle is comfortable and ergonomically designed to reduce hand fatigue during use.

Durability: Choose a saw made from durable materials such as high-carbon steel or titanium to ensure it lasts longer.

Additional features: Some folding saws come with extra features like replaceable blades, ergonomic grips, or even built-in sharpeners making them more convenient to use.

Price: Set a budget for yourself before purchasing a folding saw, but don't sacrifice quality for the price.

Once you've considered all of these factors, you'll be able to narrow down your options and choose the best folding saw for your needs.

Which is better for a camp saw blade: carbon steel blade or stainless steel blade?

There are pros and cons to both carbon steel blades and stainless steel camping saw blades. A carbon steel blade is cheaper and can hold an edge better, but it rusts more easily. Stainless steel blades are more expensive, but they don't rust as easily and they're also less likely to corrode.

High carbon steel is also prone to chipping and needs higher maintenance, though they are much sharper than ordinary stainless steel. A high-carbon steel blade is commonly seen in most Japanese knives and saws.

In the end, it's up to you to decide which type of blade is best for your needs. If you're going to be using the saw in a wet environment, then stainless steel is probably your best bet. However, if you're on a budget or you don't mind sharpening the blade more often, then carbon steel will do the job just fine.

So it really comes down to personal preference and how much you're willing to spend.

What should be the ideal Teeth Per Inch of my folding saw?

There's no definite answer for ideal Teeth Per Inch (TPI) and it will depend on your usage. However, as a general rule of thumb, keep in mind that :

  • The more Teeth Per Inch, the smoother the cut, but it is slower. Lesser Teeth Per Inch will cut faster, but will not be smooth.
  • The harder the material, the slower will be the cutting process, and vice versa.
  • Along with Teeth Per Inch, you will also have to consider the feed rate to determine the most efficient saw.

What is the feed rate for a camping saw?

The feed rate for a camping saw is the speed at which the saw blade advances through the material being cut. The faster the feed rate, the faster the cuts will be made.

However, there are some trade-offs to consider when choosing a feed rate. If the feed rate is too fast, it can cause the blade to overheat and potentially damage the material being cut. On the other hand, if the feed rate is too slow, it can result in a poorer quality cut.

Choosing an optimal feed rate thus requires some experimentation and experience. Generally speaking, however, a good rule of thumb is to start with a moderate feed rate and then increase or decrease as needed, based on how well the camping saw is cutting. 

However, you do not have to worry about these factors, because of the limited uses of folding saws, though this is an important factor for industry-grade saws.

What is the ideal blade length for camping saws?

There is no single answer to this question since it depends on a variety of factors such as what type of camping you will be doing (e.g. backpacking, car camping, etc.), what type of saw you will be using (e.g. hand saw, chainsaw, etc.), and what your personal preferences are. However, here are some general guidelines to keep in mind when choosing a blade length for your camping saw:

  • For backpacking trips, you will want a lightweight saw with a shorter blade so that it doesn't add too much bulk or weight to your pack. Camping saw with a blade length of around 6-8 inches is ideal for backpacking trips.
  • For car camping trips, weight and bulk are less of a concern since you won't have to carry the saw very far. As such, you can afford to go with a larger saw with a longer blade. Camping saws with a blade length of around 12-14 inches are ideal for car camping trips.
  • For general use, a blade length of around 12 inches is a good middle ground. It's not too big or too small, making it versatile enough for most camping trips.

How can I sharpen the blades of a camping saw?

There are a few hacks that you can use to sharpen the blades of a camping saw. Below are some instructions on how to do so:

  1. First, you'll need to gather some supplies. You'll need a sharpening stone, water, and oil. Depending on the frequency with which you use your camping saw, you may also want to consider getting a diamond sharpening plate.
  2. To start, soak your sharpening stone in water for 5-10 minutes. This will help ensure that your stone stays lubricated while you're working with it.
  3. Next, apply oil to your diamond sharpening plate or file if you're using one. If not, just skip this step.
  4. Now, it's time to start sharpening! Begin by working the blade of your saw back and forth across the stone or file.
  5. Remember to keep the blade at a consistent angle as you work. You'll want to sharpen both sides of the blade evenly.
  6. Once you're finished, wipe off any excess oil or water from the blade.

And that's it! You're now ready to get back to sawing!

Do I need to sharpen my saw before using it?

It is always best to sharpen your saw before each use. This will help ensure that the blade is in good condition and can make cuts more efficiently. However, this is not always possible. So, just try to sharpen it once in a while before you set off for your camping trip.

How do you take care of a camping saw?

When you are done using your saw, it is important to clean and oil it before storing it. This will help keep the blade in good condition and prevent rusting.

To clean your saw, start by using a soft brush to remove any debris from the teeth of the blade. Then, use a cloth soaked in soapy water to wipe down the rest of the saw. Rinse the saw with clean water, and dry it thoroughly with a towel. Once it is dry, apply a few drops of oil to the blade and movable parts of the saw.

Avoid storing your saw in direct sunlight or in a damp location, as this can cause damage to the blade or encourage rusting. If possible, store your saw in a protective case or bag. With proper care, your camping saw should last for many years.

How long does a camping saw last?

It depends on the quality of the camping saw, but most camping saws can last for a few years with proper care.

Low-quality saws might only last for a single season, while high-quality saws might last for several years. Regardless of quality, it's important to keep the blade clean and sharpened in order to get the most use out of it. And if you're not using the saw regularly, make sure to store it in a dry place so that it doesn't rust.

Which will serve me better: a camping ax or a camping saw?

There really isn't a right answer to this question since it depends on what you need to use the ax or saw for. If you're just looking to chop firewood, then a camping ax is likely the more efficient option. However, if you need to cut branches or take down small trees, then camping saws would probably be a better choice.

Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference and what you'll be using the tool for most often. If you think you'll need both an ax and a saw for different tasks, then it might be worth getting a folding ax and saw combo, like the Zippo AxeSaw so you're always prepared. Whatever tool you choose, just make sure you know how to use it properly and safely!

Can I substitute folding saws with pocket chainsaws for camping?

There's no easy answer to this question, as it depends on a number of factors. If you're looking for a saw to use for general camping tasks like setting up camp or collecting firewood for building a campfire, then a folding saw will be the best choice. However, if weight is your most important deciding factor when you're planning on doing any serious backpacking, then pocket chainsaws are likely the better option.

One of the main advantages of pocket chainsaws is their portability. While a folding saw can be easily slipped into your pack, a pocket chainsaw is even more compact and can be carried in your pocket without taking up too much space.

Another key difference is weight. Folding saws tend to weigh around 8 to 10 ounces, while a pocket chainsaw usually weighs less than half of that. So, if you're trying to save on weight, a pocket chainsaw is definitely the way to go.

The main downside of a pocket chainsaw is that it can be more difficult to use than a folding saw, especially if you're not used to working with one, it can be easy to injure yourself if you're not careful. But, we encourage you to pick our free pocket chainsaw giveaway to get the hang of it without spending a fortune.

What are the basic safety tips for using a hand saw?

There are a few important safety tips to keep in mind when using a hand saw:

1. Make sure the saw is sharp - dull blades can cause the saw to bind, which can be dangerous.

2. Don't force the saw - let the blade do the work.

3. Be aware of kickback - if the blade gets stuck, it can kick back suddenly and violently. Always keep your fingers well away from the blade.

4. Use a properly fitting blade guard - this will help to protect you from the blade in case of kickback or other accidents.

5. Use ear protection - Sawing can be very loud, so it's important to protect your hearing.

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So What Are The Best Folding Camping Saws For You

So, if you are in the market for a camping saw and don’t quite know where to start, we hope this article has been helpful. We have included some of our top picks for camping saws that are perfect for campers, along with a few things you should keep in mind when making your purchase.

For your reference, they are :

Best Overall - Bahco Laplander Folding Saw

Best Value for Money - Corona Tools 10-Inch RazorTOOTH

Best Pro Level - Silky GomBoy Professional Folding

Best Budget -  Mossy Oak 3-In-1 Folding Hand Saw

Best of the Rest - Agawa Boreal21 Bow Saw

And finally, don’t forget to click on those “Check Price on Amazon” buttons – these camping saws won’t last long!

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