Get the Best Headlamp for Hunting and Never Get Caught in the Dark Again

Looking for a great headlamp for your next hunting trip? Check out our list of the best headlamps for hunting, so you can choose the right one for you. You will find everything about hunting headlamps that will help you take an informed decision.

Looking for a great headlamp for your next hunting trip? Your hunting gear can never be complete without a proper headlamp.

We know the importance of having a good light source when you're out in the woods, especially at night. That's why we've compiled a list of the best headlamps for hunters so you can choose the right one.

With so many different headlamps on the market, it can be hard to choose the right one. But don't worry - we've got you covered. Our list includes some of the most popular models on the market today.

Ensure you have the best headlamp for your next hunting trip - check out our list now!

Selecting The Best Headlamp for Hunting

It can be tough to find the best hunting headlamp because so many options are available.

With all the different headlamps on the market, it can be tough to figure out which is right for you. You want a headlamp that is bright enough to light up your path but not so bright that it will scare away the game. You also need a headlamp that is comfortable to wear for long periods. It is also important to have different color modes for night vision.

We have done the hard work for you and picked the best headlamps for hunting based on user reviews. Read along our blog to find the best headlamp for you.

We know you want the best, so we work hard to provide it. Our team of experts is constantly selecting products for our site that meet high standards and offer great value too! Our opinions are based on independent trials and tests but as an Amazon Associate, we earn from some qualifying purchases. This helps us to keep the site running without costing anything extra for you.

Best Overall

Black Diamond Storm 500R

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Why You Will Love It

Looking for a hunting headlamp that can take a beating? The Black Diamond Storm 500R is just what you need. But for us, it was a difficult choice between the Storm 500 and the Black Diamond Spot, which has an output of 400 lumens.

Even though the Black Diamond Spot 400 is an excellent choice in every sense, we finally picked the Storm 500 over the Spot 400. We found that this lamp is more durable and rugged, making it a great fit for hunters who need an efficient and reliable light source.

Black Diamond headlamps are known for their exceptional built quality that survive the test of time, and this Storm 500R is no exception. It's perfect for the most demanding outdoor adventures, with a rugged housing that withstands drops and bumps.

Plus, it’s waterproof for up to 30 minutes, so you don’t have to worry about getting wet in the rain or submerging in a stream. With a max output of 500 lumens of the Storm 500R  and its multiple lighting modes, you’ll always have the right light for the job.

It also features superior optical efficiency that maximizes visibility. Whether you’re out hunting before dawn or setting up camp after dark, the Storm 500R will light the way.

What You Should Know

Black Diamond Storm 500 features and its 2 colors
Black Diamond Storm 500 features

Weight: 3.52 oz

Max Output: 500 lumens (high)

Max Beam Distance: 135 yards

Batteries: Rechargeable 2,400 mAH Li-Ion battery

Run Time:  7hrs (high), 19 hrs (medium), 350 hrs (low)

Modes: Full Strength (Proximity/Distance), Strobe, Dimming, Night Vision (Red, Blue or Green light) & Lock Mode

As anyone who has been hunting knows, a headlamp can be a critical tool. Being able to see what you are aiming at is important, but so is not being seen by your prey.

The Black Diamond Storm 500R is a powerful flashlight that offers 500-lumen brightness powered by a rechargeable battery of 2400 mAh capacity. It has a micro USB port for recharging. It sports a comfortable recycled elastic headband and weighs 0.22 lbs.

It has dimmable brightness, and the lowest setting (6 lumens) on the Black Diamond Storm 500R produces a soft glow perfect for getting situated in a blind without announcing your presence. Its brightness memory stores the last used mode efficiently.

Overall, this flashlight is a great choice for any hunter who wants to be prepared for anything.

What Could Have Been Better

The Black Diamond Storm 500R is a great hunting headlamp. It is bright, has a long battery life, and is comfortable to wear. However, the price is a bit high compared to similar models, and we would have liked the option to swap out disposable batteries instead of only one rechargeable battery.

Overall, though, this is a great headlamp for hunters.

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Best Value For Money RGB Light

Petzl Tactikka

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Why You Will Love It

Looking for a versatile headlamp that can help you blend into your surroundings? Look no further than the Petzl Tactikka+ RGB. This headlamp is available in three different colorways, each designed to help you camouflage into your environment.

Whether you're out hunting, hiking, or camping, the Tactikka+ RGB will help you stay hidden and undetected. But it's not just about being stealthy—this headlamp also packs a powerful punch.

With 350 lumens of output, the Tactikka + RGB is a powerful hunting headlamp on the market. And thanks to its blended beam, you'll enjoy good close proximity light as well as distance light,

What You Should Know

Petzl Tactikka +RGB features
Petzl Tactikka +RGB features

Weight: 3.0 oz

Batteries: 3 AAA

Max Lumens: 350

Max Beam Distance: 100 yards

Run Time: 2 hrs on high; 12 hrs on medium; 160 hrs on low

Modes: White Light (Comfortable/Proximity/Rapid Movement), RGB (Continuous/Strobe)

The Petzl Tactikka RGB headlamp is a versatile and reliable lighting solution for various outdoor activities, and with IPX4 certification, you don't have to worry about the weather. The headlamp has two different battery options: 3 AAA batteries or the Petzl CORE rechargeable battery accessory. The Petzl CORE is a 1250 mAh Li-ion battery pack with a built-in micro-USB charging port and charge indicator.

The single button makes it quick and easy to select the brightness or light color, while the phosphorescent reflector is useful for locating the lamp in the dark. The headband is also detachable and washable, making it easy to keep clean. The Tactikka+RGB is also equipped with a colored LED to preserve night vision, and the battery level indicator lets you know when it's time to recharge.

With so many features, the Tactikka+RGB will surely be your go-to headlamp for all your outdoor adventures.

What Could Have Been Better

We couldn't find any significant drawbacks while fiddling with this device. However, we might say that at this price point, one would expect a better-constructed headlamp, which feels a bit cheap.

Overall, the Petzl Tactikka+RGB is a great headlamp for people who need a hunting headlamp with the RGB option.

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Best Dual Color


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Why You Will Love It

The Coast FL75R Rechargeable Focusing LED Headlamp is the perfect light for any outdoor activity. With its twist-focus beam, you can go from a wide flood beam to a concentrated spot beam, making it ideal for close-up and distance work.

The rechargeable battery means you’ll never have to worry about running out of power, and the lightweight design makes it comfortable to wear for long periods.

Whether on a hunting trip or working in the garage, the Coast FL75R is the perfect light for any situation.

What You Should Know

 Coast FL75R Features

Weight: 3.2 oz

Batteries: 3 AAA

Max Output: 530 Lumens

Max Beam Distance: 175 yards

Run Time: 2.25 hrs on high; 5.25 hours on medium; 11 hrs on low

The Coast FL75R Rechargeable Focusing LED Headlamp is a powerful and versatile hunting headlamp with a maximum output of 530 lumens. It has a maximum distance of 156 meters, making it ideal for long-range use.

Additionally, the headlamp features a red beam that is perfect for hunters. It has a battery pack, USB charging cord, and AC and DC adapters. The headlamp also has an IPX4 waterproof rating and a durable aluminum body for 1-meter drop protection.

Finally, the headlamp is backed by the COAST Lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship, meaning you will be at peace with your purchase.

What Could Have Been Better

If you're looking for a reliable headlamp, the Coast FL75R is a great option. But it only has red and white modes; if you prefer a headlamp with a green mode, the Coast FL78 is a better choice. It has dual power capacities, but rechargeable batteries work better with this headlamp, as normal disposable batteries drain quickly, even when unused.

But overall, if green color is not your priority and you want a well-constructed headlamp that will last for years, Coast Fl75 is definitely the way to go.

Fenix HP16R Rechargeable Headlamp

Best Not-So-Cheap Option

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Why You Will Love It

If you're a hunter, you know how important having a reliable and powerful headlamp is. The Fenix HP16R Rechargeable Headlamp is an excellent choice for any hunting trip if you are willing to pay the price.

With a maximum 1250-lumen output, this headlamp provides bright and clear illumination in even the darkest environments. You can see everything clearly, whether tracking a game or setting up camp.

The spot and floodlight can be used simultaneously or separately to deliver a max beam distance of more than 250 meters, giving you plenty of options for different hunting scenarios.

You'll love the adjustable headband designed for comfort during extended wear, so you won't have to worry about discomfort or headaches. But the best part is that you can tilt your light beam within 60 degrees to point at your desired location.

What You Should Know

Weight: 7.62 oz

Batteries: 3 AAA

Max Output: 1250 Lumens

Max Beam Distance: 278 yards

Run Time: 12 hrs on medium (both floodlight & spotlight), 8 hours on high (both floodlight & spotlight), 300 hrs on low Red Light, and 600 hrs on SOS

Modes: 4 brightness levels on Spotlight, 3 brightness levels on Floodlight, Red light, and SOS

The Fenix HP16R comes with a lithium polymer rechargeable battery that can be charged via a USB-C cable (included). This means you won't have to constantly replace batteries, saving you money in the long run.

But if you don't have a handy power source, you can use 4 AA batteries to power up the lamp when you are out in the field. This headlamp has an IP66 waterproof rating, which means it can withstand heavy rain and splashing water from any direction. This makes it perfect for hunting in wet conditions.

The single switch on top of the lamp makes it easy to cycle through different lighting modes and quickly turn the lamp on/off. And if all these are not enough, remember that your purchase comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

What Could Have Been Better

The Fenix HP16R is an elite headlamp suited for a variety of tasks and sure to meet the demands of any hunter or outdoor enthusiast. Remember that this headlamp can emit brilliant light and become hot if used continuously on the highest setting. It may even turn off after extended use at its brightest level.

Although not the most cost-efficient option, if you're looking for top-notch reliability when it matters the most, this headlamp is your go-to solution!

Best Budget Headlamp

Foxelli LED Headlamp

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Why You Will Love It

The Foxelli LED headlamp is a versatile and lightweight option for anyone needing a reliable light source. Powered by three AAA batteries, it provides up to 45 hours of burn time, making it ideal for long-distance runs or extended trips, and with its IPX5 protection, you will not have to worry even in the rain.

The headlamp is also ultra-lightweight, at just 3.2 ounces, and the strap is adjustable for a comfortable fit. Whether you’re going out hunting or running, hiking, or camping, the Foxelli LED headlamp will help you see your way through the dark.

The best part is their awesome customer service. They also include a 90-day, 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee and lifetime warranty for repair or exchange.

What You Should Know

Foxelli Headlamp Features
Foxelli Headlamp Features

Batteries: 3 AAA

Run Time: 45 hrs

Max Output: 165 Lumen

Max Beam Distance: 50 meters

Weight: 3.2 ounces (with batteries)

Modes: Maximum, Average, Minimum, Red Light, SOS

The Foxelli headlamp is an affordable, high-quality option for those needing a reliable light source. It is perfect for hunting, camping, or any other outdoor activity where durability and waterproofing are desired features.

With a cold-resistant body and five different light settings, the Foxelli headlamp is a versatile and affordable option for anyone needing a reliable headlamp.

The Foxelli headlamp includes five different light settings: 165LM (up to 50m), 80LM (up to 35m), 40LM (up to 15m), red light mode, and SOS mode. In addition, the body is tiltable up to 45 degrees, offering versatility in several situations.

This headlamp is built to last as it is resistant to cold temperatures and high-impact situations, so it’s perfect for hunting in colder climates. The headlamp is also IPX-5 certified for additional waterproof capabilities.

What Could Have Been Better

The Foxelli LED Headlamp is popular for those needing a reliable and affordable headlamp. However, some people have found that the light produced by the headlamp is not as bright as they would like.

With a maximum output of 165 lumens, the Foxelli is not the brightest headlamp on the market. However, it is still a powerful light that can be very helpful in low-light situations or as a backup light.

Moreover, the headlamp includes several different light settings, so you can choose the light you need for any task. The Foxelli LED Headlamp can provide the perfect illumination on your hunting trips.

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Worthy Contenders

NiteCore NU32 HeadLamp
NiteCore NU32 HeadLamp 

NiteCore NU32

The Nitecore NU32 is a versatile and powerful headlamp that is ideal for a variety of outdoor activities. The primary white LED offers four different brightness settings, and at its highest setting, it produces a super bright white light of 550 lumens.

Additionally, the NU32 has two high CRI auxiliary LEDs that provide even flood light for close-up tasks or reading. These auxiliary LEDs can also be switched to red light modes to preserve night vision. With its maximum brightness settings, the NU32 can Illuminate objects up to 136 yards away on Turbo mode.

Although it is easily one of the best headlamps, the Nitecore NU32 has some serious issues with its warranty policies, which is why we could not place it among our top picks. Still, if you are not concerned about claiming warranties, you can buy this solid headlamp.

BioLite HeadLamp 330
BioLite HeadLamp 330

BioLite HeadLamp 330

The Biolite Headlamp 330 is a great option for anyone looking for a comfortable and lightweight headlamp. The ultrathin 3D molded housing sits flat on your forehead, and the moisture-wicking band keeps your forehead dry and comfortable.

The easy-adjust clips make it easy to find the perfect fit, and the headlamp is designed to provide bright, even light without any hot spots or dark areas.

However, one serious downside of the Headlamp 330 is that it drains battery power quickly, so that we couldn't place it with our top picks. But if you don't care about battery life, you can buy a Biolite headlamp easily.

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Important Factors to Consider Before Buying

Hunting requires a lot of light, so a quality headlamp is an important piece of equipment. Here are some things to consider before buying a new headlamp.

The Right Light Source.

There are two main categories of headlamps: LED and incandescent. Both offer advantages and disadvantages. Incandescent lamps produce more heat than LEDs, but they also last longer. They also provide a brighter beam. On the other hand, LEDs use less power and generate less heat, making them better suited for outdoor activities.

Beam Type.

Three main types of beams are wide, focused, and combination. Wide beams provide a large light area, making them ideal for general use. Focused beams are great for long-distance viewing, while combination beams offer a mix of wide and focused light.

Beam Color and Modes.

Most headlamps have different color settings, including white, red, green, and blue light. White light is best for general use, while red light preserves night vision. Greenlight is less visible to animals, making it a good choice for hunting. Many headlamps offer different light modes, such as low, high, and strobe.

Battery Type.

Headlamps use either disposable or rechargeable batteries. Disposable batteries are more common but must be replaced more often. Rechargeable batteries are more expensive but will save you money in the long run.


When you're wearing a headlamp, comfort is important. Look for a model with an adjustable strap that will stay in place while moving around. Some models even have padding to help reduce weight and improve comfort.

Adjustable Beam Angles.

You'll need an adjustable beam angle if you plan on hunting at night. This feature allows you to adjust the light's intensity and direction. It will help you see better in low-light situations.


If you're using your headlamp while you're out in the woods, you should ensure it's waterproof. That means it won't leak water onto your face or your eyes.

Battery Life.

You'll also need to consider how much battery life you will have with your headlamp. This is especially true if you plan on hunting at night. It's not uncommon for hunters to use their headlamps for several hours at a time.


Hunting can be tough on equipment, so choosing a headlamp that's built to last is important. Look for a model with durable housing and a shatter-resistant lens.


Several factors determine the price, the most basic being the type of battery. Based on this, there are three main categories: rechargeable headlamps, headlamps with disposable batteries, and the third that combines both. Generally speaking, the last category is the most expensive; disposable headlamps are cheaper but have low battery life, while rechargeable headlamps lie between these two.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When you're out hunting at night, one of the most important outdoor gear is a proper headlamp for hunting.

But there are so many different headlights on the market that it can be hard to know which one is right for you.

We've compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions about headlights for hunting so you can make an informed decision before you buy.

What Are The Advantages Of A Headlamp For Hunting?

A headlamp for hunting has several advantages over traditional flashlight use. Strapping the light to your head keeps your hands free, so you can use weapons, open doors, or do anything else you need both hands for easily.

Headlamps also provide a wider illumination area than flashlights, making it easier to see in the dark. They are also less likely to spook game than a bright flashlight beam. And finally, they are more comfortable to use for long periods than holding a flashlight in your hand. 

However, they are unsuitable for tactical purposes, where you would want to attach a flashlight to your rifle.

How many lumens do I need for hunting headlamps?

This will depend on your specific hunting needs and the conditions you'll be hunting in. If you are hunting in open, well-lit areas, you may not need as many lumens as you would for hunting in dense forests or other low-light environments.

For basic tasks such as setting up camp or finding your way around the campsite, a headlamp with around 50-100 lumens should be sufficient. However, if you use your headlamp for more demanding tasks such as tracking games or navigating rough terrain, you'll want a headlamp with at least 200 lumens or more.

It's also important to consider the beam pattern of the headlamp. A headlamp with a wide flood light pattern is best for tasks that require a broad field of view, while a headlamp with a focused, spot-beam pattern is better for tasks that require a longer reach, such as spotlighting game.

What is the difference between red and white light for hunting?

Red light is less likely to spook game than white light, so hunters often prefer it. However, red light can make it more difficult to see long distances, so you may want to use white light for scouting or other activities where you need to see long distances.

Ultimately, it is up to you to decide which type of light is best for your needs. Some hunters always prefer to use red lights, while others switch between red and white depending on the situation.

Do I need a headlamp with a high beam?

A headlamp with a high beam can help see long distances, but it is not necessary. If you do not need to see long distances, you can save some money by opting for a headlamp without a high beam.

What is the red light used for on a hunting headlamp?

Most hunting headlamps will have a red light option, which is really handy for hunters. Here are a few reasons why:

Unlike white light, the red light mode of headlamps doesn't adversely affect night vision. This means that you can use your headlamp to see what's going on around you without having to worry about losing your night vision in the process.

It's less likely to spook game; animals are generally not as afraid of red light as they are of white light, so if you're trying to do some late-night hunting, a red-light headlamp is a good choice.

It won't ruin your night vision goggles: If you're using night vision goggles (NVG), a red-light headlamp is a must. A white light will damage the NVG's image intensifier, rendering them useless.

Also, if you don't have a hunting watch, it can be difficult to see the time under a bright white headlight compared to a red light.

Do all headlamps come with batteries?

No, not all headlamps come with batteries. Many headlamps require disposable batteries, which are not always included. Be sure to check the product listing to see if batteries are included before you make your purchase.

Do I need a headlamp with a dimmer?

A headlamp with a dimmer is a good choice if you want to be able to adjust the light output to suit your needs. A dimmer can be really handy for conserving battery power or for using the headlamp in different situations.

What is the green light used for on a headlamp?

The green light is used on a hunting headlamp to help camouflage the user's position. Green is perfect for dusk and dawn hunting when there is still some residual light but not enough for your opponent to see you.

Most game animals have better night vision than humans, so even a small amount of extra light can be enough for them to spot you. Using a green LED light can minimize your chances of being spotted and increase your chances of getting the kill. The green light option also helps to read a map properly at night.

What is the blue light used for on a hunting headlamp?

The blue-colored light on a headlamp is typically used for long-range spotting of the game. By utilizing blue light, which has a shorter wavelength than traditional white light, hunters can peer into the distance without sacrificing much peripheral vision.

At night, blue light also has the added benefit of helping preserve night vision by not causing their eyes to adjust as much to darkness.

Are hunting headlamps waterproof?

Yes, they are waterproof, but there are a few things to keep in mind when using them in wet conditions. First, make sure that the O-ring seal is properly seated and free of any debris.

Second, avoid exposing the headlamp to direct water pressure, such as from a hose or faucet.

Third, if possible, store the headlamp in a dry environment when not in use.

Fourth, inspect the headlamp regularly for any signs of moisture intrusion.

Lastly, if water does get into the headlamp, allow it to dry completely before using it again.

What should I look for in a headlamp?

When looking for a headlamp, you should consider the brightness of the light, the weight of the headlamp, and the type of battery it uses.

Brightness is important because you want to be able to see clearly in the dark. You should also consider the color of the light produced, it must have a red light, which is best for night vision. Along with red some headlamps also feature blue or green light, which can be helpful for hunting certain animals.

You should also look for a headlamp that is lightweight so that it is comfortable to wear. And finally, you should choose a headlamp that uses a battery type that you are comfortable using. Some people prefer rechargeable batteries while others prefer disposable batteries.

What color light is best for predator hunting?

Many predators, like cats, are born with very good night vision. This is due to a high concentration of rods in their eyes, which gives them the ability to see in low-light conditions. Conversely, humans have more cones in their eyes, which allows them to see better in daylight but not at night. Because of this difference, many hunters believe that white light is best for predator hunting because it does not impede the Predator's night vision as much as other colors might.

However, some newer studies suggest that blue light may actually be more effective at attracting predators than white light. So whether you choose white or blue light for hunting probably depends on personal preference more than anything else.

What is the best light for deer hunting?

There is no definitive answer to this question since every hunting situation is unique. However, there are a few things to consider when choosing a light for deer hunting.

First, consider the color of light. White light is generally the easiest for human eyes to see in, but it can also be the most visible to animals. If you are concerned about not spooking the deer, then you may want to choose red and green lights. These colors are less likely to startle the animal and will help you stay hidden while you hunt.

Second, think about how much light you need. If you will be hunting in low-light conditions, then you will need a brighter light so that you can see clearly. However, if you will be hunting in well-lit areas, then you can get by with a less powerful light.

Third, consider the battery life of the light. You don't want to run out of power in the middle of your hunt, so make sure to choose a headlamp with long battery life.

What is the best headlamp light color for coyote hunting?

Coyote hunting can be a very challenging and fun pursuit, but it’s important to use the right gear for your coyote hunting trips if you want to be successful. When it comes to choosing a hunting headlamp, the light color is an important factor to consider.

In general, most hunters prefer a headlamp with a white light because it provides the best range of visibility. However, there are some hunters who prefer a headlamp with a green light for coyote hunting. The green light is said to be less visible to coyotes than the white light, which could give you an advantage when trying to sneak up on them. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide what type of headlamp you want to use

What is the brightest headlamp on the market?

One of the brightest headlamps on the market is hands down, the ACEBEAM H30. This powerful little lamp puts out a whopping 4000 lumens, making it more than enough to light up your way in even the darkest of conditions.

So what is The Best Headlight for hunting

Whether you’re a seasoned hunter or just starting out, having the right hunting gear is essential for a successful hunt. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best hunting headlights on the market.

For your reference, the best headlamp for hunting :

Best Overall Headlamp - Black Diamond Storm 500R

Best Value For Money - Petzl Tactikka

Best With Two Colors - COAST FL75R Rechargeable

Best Not-So-Cheap Option - Fenix HP16R Rechargeable Headlamp

Best Budget Pick - Foxelli LED Headlamp

Best of the Rest - NiteCore NU32

By clicking the “Check Price on Amazon” buttons, you can easily add them to your cart and be ready for your next outdoor adventure.

So say goodbye to fumbling in the dark with all your hunting gear – our top-rated headlamps for hunting will make sure you have plenty of light to see what lies ahead.

A red hunting headlamp.

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