Best Solar Camp Lights to Make Your Campsite More Memorable (and Stay Prepared)

With today’s technology, using solar chargers and solar camp lighting has never been easier. We have given you the reviews of the best products we found. Read on to find out what works, and what doesn’t, and pick the best ones in 2023.

We already brought you the list of our favorite camping lanterns, flashlights, and headlamps. We found an overwhelming number of solar camping lights in every possible format. But we couldn't include all of them in our articles.

But you know, as they say, more of anything is better! That's why now we have a whole article dedicated to solar lights.

Solar-powered lights are a great way to light up your campsite without having to worry about bringing dangerous fuels with you. Not only are they safer, but they also provide a much cleaner light than traditional gas lanterns.

With Solar power systems, you'll never have to worry about being in the dark again. These lights are bright and long-lasting, so you'll be able to see everything around you clearly - perfect for those nighttime walks around the campsite. And because they're solar-powered, you'll never have to worry about running out of power.

Read our article to know about the best solar camp lighting solutions available today and purchase your very own set of solar camp lights!

Selecting The Best Solar Lights for All Your Camping Needs

It can be hard to know which camping light is the best for your needs.

There are so many different types of camping lights on the market, that it can be hard to know which one is right for you. Do you need a lantern? A flashlight? Headlamp?

Well, we've got you covered. We have researched intensively for days to bring you the best possible solar portable lighting solutions for all your camping needs.

So sit back, relax and read our article, we have got everything for you, plus something extra!

We know you want the best, so we work hard to provide it. Our team of experts is constantly selecting products for our site that meet high standards and offer great value too! Our opinions are based on independent trials and tests but as an Amazon Associate, we earn from some qualifying purchases. This helps us to keep the site running without costing anything extra for you.

Solar Lanterns

Though we already mentioned two of the best solar camping lanterns, in our previous article on the best camping lanterns, here are another two great choices.

Best Lightweight Lantern

Goal Zero Crush Light Solar Powered Lantern

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Why You Will Love It

If you're looking for a light that's both practical and stylish, look no further than the Goal Zero Crush Light Solar Powered Lantern. Weighing in at only 3.2 ounces, this lantern is incredibly portable, making it perfect for camping trips or hikes.

And with its solar-powered design, you'll never have to worry about running out of batteries. But what really makes the Goal Zero Crush Light stand out is its warm, yellow-orange light. This gives any space a cozy and inviting feel, perfect for entertaining guests or relaxing after a long day.

So whether you're using it as a practical source of light or simply as a decoration, the Goal Zero Crush Light is sure to brighten up your space.

What You Should Know

The Goal Zero Crush Light Solar Powered Lantern is a versatile and lightweight lantern that is perfect for hiking. It has a maximum runtime of 35 hours and the battery takes 3.5 hours to recharge via USB.

The lantern also has a small but powerful solar panel that can recharge the battery in a little more than 3.5 hours. The lantern comes with 4 lighting modes: high, medium, low, and a beautiful candle flicker mode. The high setting provides enough light to read by, the medium setting is perfect for general illumination, and the low setting conserves battery power.

The candle flicker mode is perfect for creating a warm and inviting ambiance. The Crush also has a Chroma model that features multiple colored lights.

What Could Have Been Better

The Crush lantern has quite a Low run time on high settings, and something we really missed is a battery level indicator.

Overall, GoalZero Crush is a great solar camping lantern, but honestly, it is not the most powerful lantern and not even the most feature-rich one. But, the ambiance it can create, especially the candle mode; makes it worth buying more than any other lantern.

Best Solar Camping Lantern

BioLite Sunlight

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Why You Will Love It

Are you looking for a small, lightweight, and weatherproof lantern that you can take with you anywhere? If so, the BioLite Sunlight Solar Powered Lantern is the perfect choice for you!

This lantern features a 120-lumen flashlight and is USB rechargeable, making it super convenient for on-the-go use. It's also dimmable, so you can adjust the light to suit your needs.

Plus, it weighs only 3 oz., making it ultra-portable. Whether you're hiking, camping, or just spending time outdoors, the BioLite Sunlight Solar Powered Lantern is a great way to stay illuminated.

What You Should Know

The BioLite Sunlight Solar Powered Lantern is a handy little light that can be used in a variety of ways. The 100-lumen LED light is bright enough to be used as the main light source, and the three light modes (white, red, and party) make it versatile enough to be used in a variety of settings.

The white light mode is perfect for general illumination, the red light mode is great for night vision, and the party mode is perfect for adding a bit of fun to any event. The solar panel makes it easy to keep the lantern charged, and the 50-hour battery life means that you won't have to worry about running out of juice.

Whether you are looking for a camping light, a nightlight, or just a fun way to add some extra light to your life, the BioLite Sunlight Solar Powered Lantern is a great choice.

Biolite Sunlight Red Color Mode.
Biolite Sunlight Red Color Mode

What Could Have Been Better

BioLite Sunlight is a great stand-alone lantern, however, the solar panels on it are some of the weakest we have seen. As such, it takes a long time to charge it via sunlight.

Solar Powered Flashlights

When camping, a flashlight is an absolute necessity, there’s just something about having directed lighting that makes everything seem so much easier!

Solar-powered flashlights are small lightweight and produce sufficient directional light for night hikes or other activities. Two of our favorites include:

Best Overall

Goal Zero Torch 500 LED Flashlight

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Why You Will Love It

The Goal Zero Torch 500 LED Flashlight is a versatile and reliable emergency light that is perfect for any situation, whether you need a bright spotlight or a wide-reaching floodlight.

With a max of 500 lumens of power, it's sure to light up any area, and with two different modes (spotlight and floodlight), you can customize the bright light to fit your needs. Plus, the built-in solar cells and USB charging port means you can always keep it charged and ready to go.

Whether you're camping, hiking, or just need a reliable flashlight for emergencies, the Goal Zero Torch 500 is the perfect solution.

What You Should Know

The Goal Zero Torch 500 is a versatile flashlight that can be recharged in multiple ways. The built-in solar panel allows users to charge the flashlight without access to an outlet. The Torch 500 can also be recharged by a type C USB charger, making it convenient to keep the flashlight powered up at all times.

Its 5200 mAH battery can also be used as a solar charger for your phones and other small devices, providing a backup power source in case of an emergency.

With its multiple charging options and strong LED light, the Goal Zero Torch 500 is an essential tool for anyone who likes to be prepared for anything.

What Could Have Been Better

The GoalZero Torch is undoubtedly a great device, but we found its shape to be a bit awkward. It is quite bulky for a flashlight. But, once you get used to this, you will definitely enjoy it.

Runner Up for Solar Flashlight

Goal Zero Lighthouse Micro

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Why You Will Love It

Looking for a versatile and lightweight lantern? Look no further than the Goal Zero Lighthouse! This handy little lantern is USB rechargeable, dimmable, and weatherproof, making it perfect for camping trips, hikes, or emergencies.

At only 3 ounces, it's easy to take with you wherever you go. Plus, the 150-lumen flashlight is great for finding your way in the dark. When you're living away from the city and need off-grid power, the Goal Zero Lighthouse has got you covered.

What You Should Know

The Goal Zero Lighthouse is a versatile and reliable light source, perfect for use both indoors and out. Its key features include 2600 mAH rechargeable Li-ion NMC battery, which can be charged in 3.5 hours via USB or Nomad solar panel, and a run time of 7-170 hours depending on the brightness setting.

The Lighthouse also has a lantern mode and a strobe light mode. Additionally, the Charge model of Lighthouse can also act as a power bank, providing a handy way to charge electronic devices on the go. This feature is absent in their Flash model.

The Lighthouse is made of durable plastic, and it is water-resistant. It is also impact resistant, and it can float in water. The Lighthouse comes with a one-year warranty.

Whether you're looking for a camping companion or a safe way to light up your dog-walking path, the Goal Zero Lighthouse is an excellent choice.

What Could Have Been Better

The Goal Zero Lighthouse is a flashlight that can be used in emergencies or as a backup light. It is not exactly a stand-alone flashlight, but nonetheless, this cute little light is a great product to have on hand, not just for camping but always!

Solar String Lights

In our article on Camping String lights, we mentioned the Mpowered Luci as our favorite, and it is probably the best solar string light yet. But, you can also check out the following two options as an alternative.

Best Overall

Keshi Solar Star String Lights

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Why You Will Love It

Looking for an affordable yet high-quality solar string light? Look no further than the Keshi Solar Star String lights!

With a long length of 40 ft, an IP65 rating, and a 2-year replacement warranty, these lights are a great way to brighten up any campsite. They come in cool star shapes and produce a warm, soothing light so that you can customize the perfect ambiance for any occasion.

So, whether you're looking for a fun way to spruce up some creative tent lighting ideas for a romantic weekend or you're looking for a practical solution to light up your yard, the Keshi Solar Star is a perfect choice.

What You Should Know

The Keshi Solar Star String Lights are a great way to light up your campsite. The solar panel charges the batteries during the day, and then the lights turn on automatically when it gets dark.

The lights are very bright and will last for 8-12 hours on a full charge. They are also very easy to set up and take down. Overall, these lights are a great option for lighting up your campsite.

What Could Have Been Better

These are easily the best solar string lights that we have seen, and at this price point, we simply could not complain about anything else! But if we are being too critical, we would say that this light string is prone to getting tangled.

Runner Up For Solar String Lights

Brightech Ambience Pro Solar Powered Outdoor String Lights

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Why You Will Love It

Welcome to the future of outdoor lighting with the Brightech Ambience Pro Solar Powered Outdoor String Lights. These amazing lights are powered by the sun, so you'll never have to worry about running out of juice or dealing with cords and outlets again. Just set them up in your yard and let the sun do its work.

These LED Edison-style bulbs have a vintage look that adds a classy touch to any outdoor space. They provide ample light for entertaining or just relaxing outdoors, and they're also super durable so you can enjoy them for years to come. Best of all, they only need six hours of direct sunlight to stay fully charged, so you'll always have plenty of light when you need it.

So why wait? Make your outdoor space shine with the Brightech Ambience Pro Solar Powered Outdoor String Lights.

What You Should Know

Outdoor string lights are a great way to add ambiance to your campsite or yard or patio. Brightech Ambience Pro Solar Powered Outdoor String Lights feature 12 bulbs, protected with shatterproof plastic shells, spaced 20 inches apart to span 20 feet.

A 6-foot wire connects to the solar panel to allow for placement in the sunniest location. That means no more tripping over cords or worrying about outlets.

Thanks to Brightech Ambience Pro Solar Powered Outdoor String Lights, you can have beautiful lighting without any of the hassles.

What Could Have Been Better

Brightech Ambience Pro Solar Powered Outdoor String Lights feature quite larger and heavier bulbs compared to most string lights.

Special Mention

Best Survivalist Solar Lights

DaringSnail NOAA Emergency Weather Radio with Flashlight

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If you are a prepper and searching for gears to stack for those just-in-case scenarios, don't waste your time and grab the DaringSnail NOAA Emergency Crank Weather Radio with a flashlight. It has an 8000mAh Rechargeable Battery and offers 72 hours of continuous use. It also has a solar radio that provides 3-Way Power Sources, which never worry about it will power off.

It features NOAA weather alert radio channels, 8000mAh large battery capacity, three modes of super-bright flashlight and 6LED reading lamp, three power sources, and SOS alert. In addition, it has added features, such as a battery indicator and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

On top of all these, it comes with 18 months of warranty, to give you extra peace of mind. Overall, the DaringSnail Emergency crank radio and flashlight is an excellent product for those looking for a reliable and efficient way to stay informed and prepared in an emergency.

Also, check out our article on the best headlamps for hunting.

Frequently Asked Questions

People want to know more about solar camping lights before they buy them.

A lot of people are interested in solar camping lights, but they don't know enough about them to feel confident in their purchase.

We've collected the most frequently asked questions about solar camping lights and answered them all right here. From how long the light will last to what type of weather it can withstand, we've got you covered. Plus, we've got a few tips on how to get the most out of your solar camping light.

Are solar camping lights worth buying?

There are a few things to consider when deciding if solar camping lights are worth buying. The first is how often you camp and whether you car camp or backpack. If you only camp a few times a year, then solar camping lights might not be worth the investment. However, if you camp regularly or enjoy backpacking, solar camping lights can be very useful.

Solar camping lights are great because they are environmentally friendly and they don't rely on batteries which means they save you money in the long run. They also tend to be very reliable since there is no danger of the batteries running out of power. Solar camping lights come in a variety of styles, so you can choose the ones that best fit your needs.

Are solar camping lights reliable?

Solar camping lights are a great way to light up your campsite without relying on electricity or battery power. But their reliability used to be the biggest issue.

Solar camping lights rely on solar panels to charge a battery, which then powers the light. So as long as there is enough sun during the day, the solar panel should be able to recharge the battery and keep the light going all night. However, if it's cloudy or rainy, the Light may not get enough power to stay on all night.

Fortunately, solar cells have improved vastly in the last few years, and today's solar cells (like those on the Goal Zero Crush) are powerful enough to power up fast and even under cloudy conditions. Also, most of our top picks come with a backup battery charging option, so that you can have sufficient juice, even on the worst of days.

Overall, today's solar camping lights are truly reliable and can compete for a toe to toe with traditional lights.

Are solar string lights worth it?

Yes, solar string lights are definitely worth it. Not only are they a more environmentally-friendly option than traditional string lights, but they're also a lot more affordable in the long run. Plus, they add a really pretty touch to any outdoor space.

How can we power up solar lights on our campsite?

It depends on the type of solar light.

If you have a solar light with a built-in solar cell, then you can power it up simply by leaving the solar light out in the sun for a few hours.

If you have a solar light that needs to be plugged into an outlet to work, then you can use a power inverter to convert the DC power from the car's cigarette lighter into AC power that can be used by your solar light, or you can carry your own portable generator.

However, the cleanest way to power up your solar devices is to carry a portable solar cell. The best we have seen includes Goal Zero Nomad 10 and Jackery SolarSaga.

How long do solar lights Last?

Solar lights are a great long-term investment for your home or business. Here are some things to keep in mind when shopping for solar lights:

1. Look for solar lights with LEDs. LEDs last much longer than incandescent bulbs and use less power, so they’re a more efficient option overall.

2. Check the warranty on the solar lights you’re considering. Some manufacturers offer warranties of up to 25 years, so you can be sure your investment will last.

3. Be aware of the product’s lumen output. This measures how bright the light is – the higher the number, the brighter the light will be. But they will take a toll on the battery life of the light.

4. Consider how frequently you will be using them.

In general, solar lights will last for several years before needing to be replaced.

Also, according to most manufacturers, solar lights should last a minimum of 6 to 12 hours after being fully charged. This is assuming that the rechargeable batteries are in good condition and there is no major disruption to the charging process.

What are the factors to consider when buying a solar lantern?

Some of the important factors to consider while purchasing your solar lights includes:

Size & Weight -  If you are planning to take your lanterns on long backpacking trips or hikes, then size and weight will be an important consideration. The smaller and lighter the lantern is, the easier it will be to carry.

Runtime - This is how long the lantern will stay lit after being fully charged. Most solar lanterns will run for 6 to 8 hours on a full charge, but there are some that will run for up to 12 hours or more, and while being used in low-power mode, some can run for more than 100 hours!

Lumen Output - This is a measure of how much light is produced. The higher the number, the brighter the light will be. However, keep in mind that brighter lights will take a toll on the battery life.

Portability - Some lanterns are designed to be hung from a tree or tent, while others can be placed on a table or the ground. Consider where you will be using the lantern and how easy it will be to transport.

Water Resistance - If you plan to use the lantern outdoors, water resistance is an important consideration. Look for lanterns with standard IP ratings.

Charging Time -  This is how long it will take to charge the lantern solar panel. Most solar charging lanterns will take a minimum of 6 to 8 hours to fully charge, but there are some that can be charged in as little as 4 hours.

Charging Options - Some camping lantern comes with a USB charger, while others come with built-in solar panels. Consider how you will be charging the lantern and what type of charger you will need. Some even work as power banks for other electronic devices.

Price - Solar lanterns can range in price from $20 to $100. The more features the lantern has, the higher the price will be.

How many lumens do you really need?

To really answer this question, we need to think about what sorts of activities you'll be using your lights for. If you're just looking to light up a small area for tasks like reading or cooking, then you won't need as many lumens as if you were trying to illuminate a large campsite.

As a general rule of thumb, we would recommend anywhere from 50 to 200 lumens per light depending on the specific usage. If you're unsure of how many lumens you need, err on the side of more rather than less - it's better to have too much light than not enough!

So What Is the Best Solar Lighting Solution For You

Whether you’re looking for an all-purpose area light or something more specific to your needs, we’ve got you covered. For your reference, our top picks are :

Best Lightweight Solar Lantern - Goal Zero Crush Light
Best Solar Camping Lantern - BioLite Sunlight Best Overall Solar Flashlight - Goal Zero Torch 500 Runner Up for Solar Flashlights - Goal Zero Lighthouse Micro Best Overall String Lights - Keshi Solar Star String Lights Runner Up for Solar String Lights - Brightech Ambience Pro Best For Survivalists - DaringSnail NOAA Emergency Crank Radio and flashlight

So what are you waiting for? These versatile solar-powered LED lights make the perfect addition to your campsite gear and about any area you can imagine! And they’re available at a great price on Amazon.

Click the “Check Price on Amazon” buttons and add them to your cart – we know you will love them.

Thanks for reading our guide, and we hope you will have a bright and memorable camping trip!!

Happy camping!

Solar lights are an eco friendly way to brighten up any space.
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