Discover the 5 Best Ice Fishing Sleds for the Ultimate Fishing Experience!

Find the best ice fishing sleds for your next cold weather fishing trip. Our top picks include durable options with ample storage space and ease of use. Whether you're a pro or a beginner, these sleds will make your time on the ice more enjoyable and efficient.

Are you tired of lugging all your ice fishing gear around on foot, struggling to make your way through the snow and ice?

It's time to upgrade your ice fishing game with a reliable and durable ice fishing sled. Not only will it make transporting your gear a breeze, but it will also keep you organized and make your time on the ice more enjoyable.

Imagine being able to easily haul all your gear out to your favorite fishing spot, without worrying about anything falling out or getting lost in the snow. Imagine being able to set up your fishing shelter and drill your holes with ease, thanks to a sturdy and spacious ice fishing sled.

In this article, we've compiled a list of the best ice fishing sleds on the market to help you find the perfect one for your needs. Read on to discover the top contenders and make your ice fishing expeditions a success.

Selecting the Best Ice Fishing Sleds

When it comes to ice fishing, having the right gear can make all the difference. But with so many ice fishing sleds on the market, it can be overwhelming to try and find the best one.

It's frustrating to spend your hard-earned money on an ice-fishing sled that doesn't meet your needs. You might end up with a sled that's too small, too flimsy, or too difficult to use. Or, you might end up with one that's too expensive, and you end up regretting the purchase.

That's why we set out to find the best ice fishing sleds on the market. We spent hours researching and comparing different models, looking for ones that were durable, spacious, easy to use, and reasonably priced. We also consulted with ice-fishing experts and read through customer reviews to get a well-rounded understanding of each sled's strengths and weaknesses.

In the end, we were able to compile a list of the best ice sleds. We're confident that our picks will help you find the perfect sled for your ice fishing needs, so you can enjoy all the fun and excitement of this winter sport without any headaches.

We know you want the best, so we work hard to provide it. Our team of experts is constantly selecting products for our site that meet high standards and offer great value too! Our opinions are based on independent trials and tests but as an Amazon Associate, we earn from some qualifying purchases. This helps us to keep the site running without costing anything extra for you.

Otter Pro Ice Fishing Sled

Best Overall

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What You Will Love

Get yourself the Otter Pro Ice Fishing Sled and discover just how effortless ice fishing can be! This lightweight sled fits all your gear, ensuring you have everything you need for a successful day on the lake.

Upgrade your snow fishing experience with this top-of-the-line sled! It is designed for maximum convenience and efficiency, featuring an easy-access hook hole located at the back of the sled to make dragging it a breeze.

This well-crafted product is built to last - so you can keep it by your side season after season without worry. And as a bonus, it also comes with a 2-year warranty. It is available in 4 size options to suit your need. But considering the ROI of purchase, the Small Ultra Wide version is the best one.

Enjoy a reliable performance with one of the best ice fishing sleds around!

What You Should Know

Weight - 24 lbs

Material - Polyethelne

Dimensions - 56 × 32 × 13 in

Ice fishing can be a fun and rewarding activity, but if you want to make the most of your experience, you should invest in an Otter Pro Ice Fishing Sled. The Otter Pro Sled is the perfect choice for conquering snow, slush, and rugged terrains.

This sled is made from custom compounded polyethylene roto-molded construction, ensuring strength and durability for all your gear. Its reinforced outer lip provides support, and its thick, rugged bottom and raised back keep your cargo secure.

It also has a raised front that gives maximum snow resistance for those cold winter days on the ice if you attach this to the back of a motorized vehicle. If you're looking for a top-quality lightweight ice fishing sled, look no further than the Otter Pro Ice Fishing Sled!

What Could Have Been Better

The Otter PRO sled is constructed in such a way that it can withstand extremes of temperature easily. The Polyethylene structure is extremely robust, making the sled extremely durable.

The only issue we have with this sled is the difference in price between its multiple models. If you're seeking a large sled to carry a heavy load for hunting big games or other activities, it will cost double or even triple what's expected to be paid for the medium size ultra-wide sled.

Overall, no matter the model you pick, the Otter Pro Ice Fishing Sled is a solid and reliable choice for your ice fishing needs.

Shappell Ice Fishing Jet Sled 1

Best Value Pick

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What You Will Love

The Shappell Ice Fishing Jet Sled 1 is the perfect accessory for winter ice fishing trips. This is the perfect sled for the entire season and all your outdoor needs. It has a durable build and is capable of hauling firewood and sleighs, along with a range of ice fishing gear, no matter if is something small like your baits and lures or something big like fishing chairs or augers.

With its specially designed hull, you can easily pull it by hand - no more struggling to get your gear where it needs to go! Best of all, this sled fits all your gear in one place so that everything you need is at arm's reach. Comes in a Blaze Orange camouflage color that you'll love and makes it a practical choice for hunting season.

Get ready to haul like a pro with the best ice fishing sleds on the market: The Shappell Jet Ice Fishing Sled 1.

What You Should Know

Weight - ‎11.5 lbs

Material - Polyethelne

Dimension - 54 x 25 x 10 inches

Shapell Jet Sled 1 is an extremely durable and long-lasting ice fishing sled. This remarkably durable sled is fabulously constructed with rotomolded polyethylene and molded runners for effortlessly traversing any surface.

Built with durable polyethylene construction, this sled is designed to last through many trips and seasons. The Jet Sled also features a convenient towing hole, which makes transporting your supplies much simpler.

The standard size with a specially contoured hull is perfectly suited for most ice-fishing lovers and ensures maximum comfort even when navigating challenging snow and icy terrain - helping you reduce fatigue on longer trips!

Best of all, the molded runners on these ice fishing sleds float on not just ice, but they glide over even any rugged terrain, making your trips smooth and effortless. The Shappell Jet Sled 1 is the ultimate ice fishing sled!​

What Could Have Been Better

With hardly anything to criticize, the Shappell Jet Ice Fishing Jet Sled 1 All Terrain Camo is a fantastic sled for ice fishermen and outdoorsmen alike. It surpasses expectations in terms of design, quality, and performance - making it a must-have item this season!

Pelican Trek Utility Sled

Best for Versatility

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What You Will Love

Going out for an ice fishing trip doesn't have to be a hassle! With the Pelican Trek Utility Sled, you won’t ever worry about how your tools will get from point A to point B. This durable and stable sled ensures secure transport even in rough weather conditions.

It comes in 2 color options with plenty of size choices for your to choose from according to your needs. Plus, it comes with a warranty of one year for extra peace of mind.

With this reliable sled being one of the Best Ice Fishing Sleds around, you know you're getting quality gear that can go anywhere - even the harshest winter terrain!

What You Should Know

Weight - 24 lbs

Material - Polyethelne

Dimensions - 56 × 32 × 13 in

The Pelican Trek Utility Sled is the perfect companion for any ice fishing adventure. Its rigging system is designed to keep your gear safe and secure, while its heavy-duty RAM-X construction ensures superior shock resistance and durability so you can count on it through thick and thin.

This sled has a durable built quality and the high-density heat-molded polypropylene sled is built tough to withstand even the harshest of weather conditions. It comes with RAM-X runners so it'll stay strong through many trips, as well as its own pull rope and travel cover.

When you're looking for the best ice fishing sled, the Pelican Trek Utility Sled should be your top choice.  ​

What Could Have Been Better

The Pelican Trek Utility Sled is a great choice for ice fishing enthusiasts. Though it has a  strong construction crafted from high-quality materials, due to its narrow design, it has some issues with lateral stability.

But you won't notice this if you are moving at normal speeds without a very heavy load. Also, the runners are not mounted properly and you will notice this increased resistance because of this if you are using them on rugged terrain.

But overall, the Pelican Utility Multipurpose sled is a nice choice for any ice fishing enthusiast.

Shapell JSX Jet Sled Extra Large

Best Heavy Duty Sled

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What You Will Love

Most Ice Fishing Sled manufacturers have one goal: to make the experience better. But Shapell keeps pushing its boundaries with its Ice sleds and a Shapell ice sled is more than just transporting ice fishing equipment.

The JSX Jet Sled, Extra Large is a dependable sled built for maximum longevity and durability, withstanding any terrain you traverse and carrying whatever load you need. It comes in 3 color options: black, winter camo, and orange camo.

From hauling firewood to construct your campfire, transporting ice fishing gear through deep snow, or lugging that prized elk you've hunted across muddy terrain—the JSX Jet Sled has got everything covered.

Boasting a wide design, this extra-large ice fishing sled is the ideal choice for transporting heavier loads and outperforming any other narrow-bodied options.

What You Should Know

Weight - ‎21.5 lbs

Material - Polyethelne

Dimension - 66 x 31 x 12 inches

Shapell sleds are famous for being able to carry a large number of equipment while maintaining balanced and sturdy conditions in icy, muddy, or rocky terrain. This JSX sled is no exception, making it the ultimate choice for outdoorsmen in need of a heavy-duty sled.

The Shapell JSX has rugged polyethylene construction which is UV-resistant. It also features molded runners for strength and stability, that will withstand even the toughest conditions. Best of all, its specially contoured hull provides an extra large area that can accommodate several gears, bags, firearms, and even a hunted big game.

No matter how much you need to bring along, the Pelican Trek Utility Sled will make hauling it easy and stress-free. Get ready to enjoy your best ice fishing experience with this top-of-the-line sled.

What Could Have Been Better

Shapell should take extra care to ensure that its products are properly packaged and shipped. Unfortunately, many of these sleds arrive without any packaging whatsoever - something that can significantly cause damage to the item during transit.

But, overall if you are in search of a heavy-duty sled without breaking the bank, the Shapell JSX Jet SLed XL is the best choice for you.

Beavertail Sport Sled

Best of Rest

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What You Will Love

Beavertail Sport Sleds are the perfect all-season companion for your outdoor adventures! Made in the USA and designed to provide outstanding performance even in extreme conditions, these cargo sleds offer multi-purpose solutions for whatever situation you might find yourself in.

It is a very well-built ice sled striking the perfect balance between rigidity, flexibility, strength, and durability. It also includes a tow rope with every purchase so that you can take your gear wherever life takes you.

Whether it's ice fishing or cruising over snowy terrain, Beavertail Sport Sleds bring dependability and utility no matter where your journey leads.

What You Should Know

Weight - 6 lbs

Material - Polyethylene

Dimensions - 44 x 22 x 9 inches

The Beavertail Sport Sled was originally designed for duck hunting but it can be a great choice for ice fishing too. It features a one-piece rotomolded construction made from 100% virgin polyethylene material.

This sled is designed to withstand extreme temperatures, both hot and cold. Crafted with a leading edge that provides an effortless glide through any terrain, this sled offers unparalleled versatility.

This versatile and reliable sled is sure to make your next fishing trip a success!

What Could Have Been Better

This ice sled is not ideal for frequent and extensive use in harsh terrain due to its limited durability. But if you need a sled just for pulling your gear to your fishing hole, from your truck,  this Beavertail Sport Sled is an ideal choice for you.

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Frequently Answered Questions

If you're new to ice fishing, you probably have a lot of questions about the gear you'll need. One piece of equipment that can be especially confusing is the ice fishing sled.

You might be wondering what size sled you should get, or what features are most important. You might also be concerned about how much you should be willing to spend, or whether a sled is even necessary at all.

In this article, we'll be answering all your frequently asked questions about ice fishing sleds. We'll help you understand the different types of sleds available, how to choose the right size, and what features to look for. We'll also give you some tips on how to use your sled effectively, and how to take care of it so it lasts for many seasons to come. So if you're ready to tackle the mysteries of the ice fishing sled, read on!

What is an ice fishing sled?

An ice fishing sled is a type of portable platform used for transporting gear, equipment, and supplies to and from an ice fishing location. It is typically designed with a flat, rectangular base made of sturdy materials such as plastic or metal, and is equipped with handles or tow bar or tow ropes for pulling or pushing. Some ice fishing sleds also have built-in compartments or pockets for storing items such as fishing lures, tackles, baits, and other fishing essentials.

These sleds are an essential piece of equipment for anyone who enjoys this popular winter sport, as they provide a convenient and efficient way to transport all the necessary gear. They are especially useful for those who fish in remote or hard-to-reach locations, as they allow anglers to carry everything they need in one trip.

In addition to their practical uses, these sleds can also make your fishing experience more comfortable and enjoyable. Many models are equipped with features such as padded seats, cup holders, and removable gearboxes, which can make it easier to spend long hours on the ice.

What is a Smitty sled?

A Smitty sled is a type of toboggan-style sled with a sleek and lightweight design that is perfect as an ice fishing sled or for other winter activities. It is also called 'sled ski'. The exact origin of these sleds is unknown but they were popularised by innovative ice anglers as a nice little DIY project.

In its simplest form, the Smitty sled is a type of hand-pulled sled, usually made from plastic and wood, fixed on top of ice skis. that can be used for transportation or recreation. The unique design of the Smitty sled allows it to traverse through the snow and even take bumps and jumps with ease. This makes it perfect for hauling items across frozen ground during the cold winter months.

Is a Smitty sled easier to pull?

Yes, a Smitty sled is much easier to pull than other types of sleds due to its lightweight construction and unique design. The fact that it has ice skis as its base makes it very easy to maneuver and allows it to float over the snow with ease. This makes it an ideal choice for those looking for a reliable ice fishing sled that is easy to pull and maneuver.

So, even if you buy a quality ice fishing sled, it is not a bad idea to spend some time and transform it into a Smitty Sled.

How do I choose the right size fishing sled for my needs?

In general, ice fishing sleds are typically rectangular in shape, with dimensions ranging from 30 inches to 90 inches in length, and 20 inches to 36 inches in width. The height of the sled can also vary, with some models being as low as 6 inches and others being as tall as 18 inches.

Consider the amount of gear and equipment you need to transport and choose a sled that is large enough to hold everything comfortably. It is important to choose a sled that is not too large or too small, as both can be inconvenient to use. 

If you plan on carrying a lot of supplies, such as a fishing shelter (or winter tents), heaters, and other large items, you will want to choose a larger sled. On the other hand, if you only need to carry a few essential items, such as tackle and bait, a smaller sled may be sufficient.

Are ice fishing sleds only for transporting gear, or can they be used for other purposes as well?

Ice fishing sleds are primarily used for transporting gear to and from an ice fishing location, but they can also be used for other purposes. Some anglers use sleds to set up temporary shelters or to store fish after they are caught. Others use sleds for hauling firewood or other supplies to their ice fishing spot.

How do I take care of my ice fishing sled to ensure it lasts for many seasons?

To store your ice fishing sled during the off-season, you should first clean it thoroughly and dry it off to prevent rust or other damage. Then, you can store it in a dry, protected area such as a garage or shed. If you do not have access to a protected storage area, you can cover the sled with a tarp or other protective cover to keep it safe from the elements.

Before using your sled, inspect it for any signs of damage or wear, and make any necessary repairs. Additionally, be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning and maintaining your sled to keep it in good working condition.

How do I transport my ice fishing sled?

If you have a pick-up truck or a trailer, you can easily tie your sled down with straps or bungee cords to make the transporting of your ice fishing sled easier. If you do not have a truck or trailer, you can also use a roof rack to secure the sled to the top of your car.

What are the key features to consider when looking for the best ice fishing sled?

When it comes to choosing a good ice fishing sled, there are a few key factors to consider. These include the sled's size, durability, versatility, and price.

Size of the sled.

Ice fishing sleds come in a range of sizes, from small, lightweight models that can hold just a few items, to large, heavy-duty sleds that can accommodate all your gear. The best size for you will depend on how much equipment you need to carry and how far you'll be traveling.


It is another important factor to consider. An ice fishing sled should be able to withstand the harsh winter conditions and the weight of your gear. Look for sleds made of sturdy materials such as plastic or metal, with strong handles and/or tow rope.


Most ice fishing sleds are designed specifically for one job, while others can be used for a range of outdoor activities. If you plan to use your sled for other sports or hobbies, it may be worth investing in a more versatile model.


Ice sleds can range in price from a few dollars to several hundred dollars. Determine your budget and look for a sled that offers the best value for your money.

Overall, the best sled for fishing on ice is one that meets your specific needs and budget. Consider the size, durability, versatility, and price of different models to find the perfect one for your ice fishing adventures.

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So Finally, What is the Best Ice Fishing Sled

Having a top-quality ice fishing sled can make a huge difference in your ice fishing experience. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced angler, a good sled will help you transport your gear with ease, keep you organized, and make your time on the ice more enjoyable.

For your easy reference, our top picks are :

Best Overall - Otter Pro Ice Fishing Sled

Best Value Pick - Shappell Ice Fishing Jet Sled 1

Best for Versatility - Pelican Trek Utility Sled

Best Heavy Duty Sled - Shapell JSX Jet Sled Extra Large

Best of Rest - Beavertail Sport Sled

We hope that our list of the top ice fishing sleds has helped you find the perfect one for your needs.  And when you're ready to take the next step and make a purchase, be sure to click the "Check Price on Amazon" button and add your chosen sled to your shopping cart. With a reliable and durable sled by your side, you'll be well-equipped for all your fishing adventures.

Don't wait any longer to upgrade your ice fishing game! Upgrade today and get ready to reel in some big catches with ease.

Best Ice fishing sled

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