A Local Guide to Planning an Ice Fishing Trip to Lake Winnebago

Lake Winnebago is one of the best places to ice fish in Wisconsin, with a variety of species and a self-sustaining sturgeon population. Learn the tips and tricks to catch walleye, perch, and sturgeon on this amazing lake.

The Lake Winnebago system is a sprawling interconnected system of lakes in Wisconsin, boasting the title of the largest inland lake in the state. This watery wonderland transforms into a winter paradise for ice fishers, drawing thousands with its abundant fish population, Diverse Fishing Grounds, and vibrant fishing community.

The lake's thick ice and well-maintained infrastructure (including plowed roads and marked fishing areas) ensure safety and convenience for ice enthusiasts. And it is more than just an angler attraction.

Even if battling a walleye through the ice or landing a prehistoric sturgeon is not your thing, you'll definitely enjoy the snow-covered landscapes and frozen expanses that create a breathtaking backdrop. Combine that with warm shanties, hot food, and camaraderie, you will make for unforgettable experiences.

Keep reading to find out all the essential information to make your winter fishing trip to Lake Winnebago successful and memorable.

Key Takeaways

→Discover the optimal season for ice fishing on Lake Winnebago and how to track ice conditions.

→ Uncover hidden spots and local tips for catching fish like walleye, white bass, and sturgeon.

→ Learn about the best gear rental options, charter services, and accommodations for a hassle-free ice-fishing adventure.

Lake Winnebago isn't just any frozen pond, it boasts of various species to give you endless action in the winter months. The most popular of them are:

  • Walleye: Renowned for walleye fishing, Lake Winnebago offers trophy-sized catches under the ice. Walleyes are known for their fight and deliciousness. Prime spots like the "Winnebago Wall" and reefs offer epic catches.
  • Sturgeon: Experience the thrill of spearing prehistoric lake sturgeon during the unique February season. These giants can reach up to 10 feet! A unique winter spearing season adds to the thrill.
  • Perch: Plentiful and tasty, perfect for a light bite.
  • White Bass: Schools of these scrappy fish provide non-stop action.
  • Other: Northern pike and even the occasional muskie join the winter fishing frenzy.
Sturgeon spearing in lake winnebago
Sturgeon spearing (Credit:Doorcounty)

Best Time for Ice Fishing on Lake Winnebago

When planning an ice fishing trip to Lake Winnebago, timing is everything. The Lake Winnebago ice fishing season typically kicks off in January and can last through March or even the early weeks of April, depending on the weather.

Early Season (early Dec- middle weeks of Jan):

  • Target Panfish (perch, crappie) in bays & channels near weed edges during the first ice of December.
  • You can also get early walleye action near shorelines.
  • The best time for the early ice is around Dawn or dusk for active feeding.

Mid-Season ( Jan-middle Feb):

  • This is the best time for ice fishing with the star attraction being the walleyes, which move to deeper basin areas.
  • During February, sturgeon is common and spearing is a popular activity (spearing season regulations apply).
  • Aim for the time around mid-day for peak walleye activity.

Late Season (middle weeks of Feb - late Mar):

  • This period depends on the weather and can vary a lot every year. Walleye & white bass head to shallower flats and weed edges in the warming waters.
  • Aggressive pike becomes active as ice weakens.
  • Set out in the early mornings for hungry fish before the sun warms things up. With more fish coming out, you can find a big fish any time during the late season, with midday often being the best for sun-loving bass. Be careful and ensure safety during this season of melting ice.
Garmin STRIKER Plus 4 Will Ensure Maximum Success on Ice
Garmin STRIKER Plus 4 Will Ensure Maximum Success on Ice
Always check ice thickness and weather conditions before venturing out. Weather and ice conditions can impact bite times. The timings can also vary for specific spots. So, checking local reports and consulting experts before heading out is always best!

Hidden Spots for the Best Catch

Icy Road Leading to Lake Winnebago

Lake Winnebago system is renowned for its abundant fish population. To locate schools of fish, focus on areas near reefs and drop-offs where fish like to feed. The eastern shore and areas around Lake Poygan (the first lake to welcome ice anglers during the early ice) and the mouth of the Fox River are often fruitful. For sturgeon spearing, the shallower waters of the north end can be particularly promising.

While sharing hidden gems can be risky, here are some under-the-radar spots on the Winnebago System worth exploring:

1. Asylum Bay: Nestled on the east shore, this secluded bay offers calm waters and excellent panfish action, especially crappie and perch. Launch from Menominee Park in Oshkosh. Head north through the channel and follow the east shoreline. Head south of the bay towards the channel connecting to Poygan Lake. The weed edges and fallen timber hold hungry fish throughout the season.
2. Stockbridge Harbor: Take Hwy 23 to Stockbridge and follow the signs. This hidden harbor on the southwest corner harbors a haven for walleyes, particularly during early ice-up and late winter. Jigging near the drop-off and weed pockets can get you hooked. Stockbridge Harbor Marina offers convenient access.

3. The Witches: Located north of Doty Island, this mysterious-sounding area boasts healthy white bass and crappie populations. Park near Old Plank Road and access via the ice bridge. Look for shallow weed patches and rocky structures to attract these feisty fighters.

4. Black Wolf Island: Launch at Doty Island State Park and ice fish across to the south shore. Venture off the beaten path to this island's south shore for a shot at trophy walleyes. The sharp drop-offs and current breaks create prime hunting grounds, especially during low-pressure systems.

5. Kishwaukee Flats: Launch from the Third Ward Park Public Access on County Highway N. On the western side of the system, these expansive flats attract schools of white bass in late winter. Trolling crankbaits or jigging minnows can trigger explosive strikes.

6. Third Ward Bar (Fond du Lac River): Launch from the Indian Crossing Park Public Access on County Highway P. Venture upstream beyond the bridge on this part of the Winnebago system. The current creates eddies and pockets where white bass and panfish congregate. Try jigging small lures or live minnows.

7. Miller's Bay: Access it via several public launches like Bay Shore Park and Miller's Bay Boat Launch. The deeper waters near the old railroad bridge hold potential for monster muskies. Use large jerk baits or bucktail lures for aggressive strikes. Practice catch-and-release for these magnificent creatures.

8. Rush Creek: Follow the creek into the marshes. The quiet waters and abundant cover attract panfish like magnets. Light jigs tipped with wax worms work wonders here.

Always prioritize safety over hidden secrets. Use maps and talk to local anglers to hit these hidden spots.

A reliable handheld GPS unit like this Montan from Garmin can help you stay safe on the ice
A reliable handheld GPS unit like this Montan from Garmin can help you stay safe

Reaching Lake Winnebago

Lake Winnebago, Wisconsin, is accessible by road, with several entry points around the lake. The closest major city is Green Bay, about an hour's drive to the north. If you're flying in, Appleton International Airport is a convenient option; it's just 30 minutes away. From there, you can rent a car to reach the lake. To reach the fishing spots, some popular options are:

Hiking: Perfect for early ice-up or shorelines close to access points. Popular spots like Asylum Bay and Doty Island offer good access within walking distance.

ATV/UTV: These provide more freedom to explore, especially on frozen bays and channels. Be mindful of ice thickness and regulations. Stockbridge Harbor and the west shore near Menasha are popular ATV haunts.

Snowmobiles: Zoom across the vast expanse of the main lake, reaching far-flung reefs and flats like the Winnebago Wall or Kishwaukee Flats.

Ice Shanty on Wheels: Rent a pre-outfitted shanty on a trailer and drive right onto the ice! Convenient for families and groups, these shanties are found near Oshkosh and Fond du Lac.

Ice Boats: For the truly adventurous souls, traditional ice boats can be rented or even purchased. These wind-powered speedsters reach remote areas quickly, but require skill and caution.

Ice Boats on Lake Winnebago
Ice Boats on Lake Winnebago (credit: WIsconsinlife)

Gear Rental Options

Several local businesses around Lake Winnebago offer gear rentals for those who want to ice fish just for fun and don't like to spend on expensive equipment. These range from basic rods and tackle to portable shelters and heaters. Renting gear is a cost-effective way to ensure you're prepared without the commitment of purchasing.

1. Local Bait and Tackle Shops:

  • Bait shops like Oshkosh's Fishin' Outfitters or Fond du Lac's The Bait House rent basic equipment like rods, reels, ice augers, and shanties. You can also get personalized advice on what gear works best for your target species and current conditions. Usually, the expenses are not as extensive as dedicated rental companies.

2. Dedicated Gear Rental Companies:

  • Companies like Winnebago Ice Fishing Rentals or Walleye Guys offer a broader selection, including high-end gear and specialty items like underwater cameras. Some deliver equipment directly to your lodging or designated access point, saving you time and hassle. Rental costs might be slightly higher than local shops.

3. Online Rental Platforms:

  • Platforms like Outdoorsman Gear Rental or Get Outfitted let you compare prices and features from different rental companies. Popular items might get booked out quickly, so plan ahead and reserve equipment online in advance. It is especially helpful during peak season.

Bonus Budget Tips:

  • Consider sharing gear: Splitting equipment costs with friends or family can significantly reduce your individual expenses.
  • Look for deals: Many shops and rental companies offer discounts for early bookings, group rentals, or week-long packages.
  • Bring your own essentials: Pack warm clothes, food, and drinks to avoid buying them at inflated prices on the ice.

Charter Services for Guided Fishing

Charter services are a fantastic way to experience ice fishing on Lake Winnebago, especially for beginners or those unfamiliar with the lake. Charter services are your ticket to a stress-free, productive trip, whether you are a seasoned angler or a curious newbie. Here's why:

1. Local Knowledge: These captains know the system inside and out – hidden honey holes, hot bites for specific species, and the best tactics for the day's conditions.

2. Top-notch Gear: Forget schlepping your own equipment – charters provide rods, reels, augers, warm shanties, and even fishing electronics, setting you up for success.

3. Focus on the Fun: No need to worry about navigation, ice thickness, or fish cleaning – your guide handles it all, leaving you free to enjoy the thrill of the catch.

4. Personalized Experience: Whether chasing trophy walleyes or teaching your kids ice fishing basics, charters cater to your skill level and target species.

5. Safety First: Experienced guides prioritize your safety, ensuring you're properly outfitted and aware of ice conditions throughout your trip.

Walleye Patrol Guide Service: Renowned for their walleye expertise, offering both full and half-day trips on the main lake.

Reel Time Fishing: Specializing in spearfishing during the sturgeon season, offering all the necessary gear and expertise for this unique experience.

FinFanatic Charters: Family-friendly charters focusing on fun and learning, with options for panfish, walleye, and sturgeon spearing.

Accommodations Near the Ice

When it comes to where to stay, there are numerous options around Lake Winnebago. From cozy cabins and cottages to comfortable hotels, you'll find accommodations to suit any preference and budget. Many places cater specifically to anglers, offering early breakfasts and fish cleaning stations.

Here's a peek at some fantastic accommodations near the ice, catering to different styles and budgets:

1. Lakeside Lodges:

  • Oshkosh Grand Hotel: Embrace historic charm and stunning lake views at this iconic hotel. Enjoy on-site dining, a spa, and easy access to Oshkosh's vibrant downtown.
  • The Abbey Resort: This family-friendly resort offers spacious condos and a cozy atmosphere, complete with an indoor pool, waterslide, and game room. Ice fishing access is just steps away!

2. Rustic Cabins:

  • Doty Island Cottages: Escape to these charming island cabins, perfect for intimate getaways or small groups. Enjoy cozy fireplaces, private decks, and direct access to the lake for early ice-up or late-season fishing.
  • Black Wolf Island Retreat: Experience true seclusion at this unique island retreat. Rent a cozy cabin or yurt, surrounded by snow-dusted forests and panoramic lake views. The on-site ice rink adds to the winter wonderland charm.

3. Budget-Friendly Options:

  • Ice Shanty Rentals with Lodging: Several companies, like Winnebago Ice Fishing Rentals, offer shanty rentals with overnight lodging packages. Wake up steps from the ice and spend the day reeling in the catch!
  • Campgrounds: For the adventurous souls, consider winter camping at Rock River Recreational Area or High Cliff State Park. Bundle up, enjoy the bonfire nights, and wake up to stunning lake sunrises.

Bonus Tip: Book your accommodations early, especially during peak season like February's sturgeon spearing.

Local Cuisine and Eateries

The local cuisine reflects the rich fishing culture, with restaurants and pop-up food stalls near the lake offering dishes that highlight the fresh catch from Lake Winnebago. Walleye, perch, and white bass are some of the favorites that you might find served up as fish fries, chowders, or even smoked delicacies.

Here's a quick guide to some of the best local eateries near the ice, catering to diverse palates and hungriest of appetites:

1. Lakeside Bites:

  • Osthoff Resort's The Landing: Savor stunning lake views while indulging in upscale pub fare like juicy burgers, fresh seafood tacos, and award-winning cheese curds.
  • Black Wolf Grill at High Cliff State Park: Grab a hearty post-fishing lunch overlooking the frozen expanse. Their homemade chili and fish fry are legendary, perfect for warming up and filling your tank.

2. Cozy Comfort Food:

  • Doty Island Pub & Grill: This island gem offers a friendly atmosphere and classic comfort food with a twist. Try their famous pulled pork mac & cheese or the warming beef stew.
  • Oshkosh Public Market: This lively market houses diverse food stalls under one roof. Grab a slice of piping hot pizza, devour a juicy bratwurst, or indulge in decadent homemade donuts – something for everyone's cravings.

3. Local Flavors:

  • Fond du Lac's Main Street Eats: Discover hidden gems like The Filling Station with its creative sandwiches and soups, or the cozy Brick Street Inn serving up hearty breakfasts and homestyle dinners.
  • Menasha's Harbor Bar & Restaurant: Relax by the water and enjoy delicious seafood like perch sandwiches and walleye specials, alongside stunning sunset views.
Bonus Tip: Support local businesses! Many cozy cafes and family-run diners offer delicious comfort food and friendly service. Ask your guide or locals for their hidden gems.

Ice Fishing Culture and Camaraderie

When embarking on an ice fishing adventure on Lake Winnebago, Wisconsin, it's not just about the catch; it's also about immersing yourself in the local culture and cuisine that revolves around this winter activity.

Ice fishing on Lake Winnebago is a tradition that brings families and friends together, often accompanied by the sizzling sounds of freshly caught fish being cooked on portable grills on the ice. The camaraderie is palpable, with anglers sharing their day's stories, favorite homemade baits, and even their secret fishing spots with fellow enthusiasts.

Here's a glimpse into the spirit that makes Winnebago's ice fishing scene so special:

1. Shared Passion, Shared Ice:

  • Generations of Tradition: Families pass down ice fishing knowledge and memories for generations, creating a strong sense of shared legacy. Grandpas teach grandkids, and fathers bond with sons. The ice becomes a classroom and a playground.
  • Friendly Rivalry: While competition heats up on the ice, a deep respect and camaraderie among anglers prevails. Sharing tips, swapping stories, and cheering on each other's successes are as much a part of the experience as the catch itself.

2. Ice Shanty Villages:

  • Hubs of Socializing: Shantytowns sprout across the frozen lake, becoming temporary communities buzzing with life. Laughter, friendly banter, and wafts of cooking from grills fill the air.
  • Open Doors Policy: Stepping into a stranger's shanty often means hot coffee, shared snacks, and lively fishing tales. The ice fosters a welcoming spirit, where camaraderie trumps competition.
Ice Shanties on Lake Winnebago

3. Local Festivals and Events:

  • Sturgeon Spearing Spectacle: The February spearing season is a cultural phenomenon, drawing thousands to witness the thrill of this unique tradition. It celebrates heritage, community, and the lake's bounty.
  • Ice Fishing Tournaments: Friendly competitions like the Oshkosh Fish Derby create a festive atmosphere, with families enjoying food, music, and the excitement of watching skilled anglers battle it out.

4. Respect for the Lake:

  • Sustainable Practices: Many ice anglers are stewards of the lake, practicing catch-and-release, advocating for conservation, and educating others about responsible fishing practices.
  • Environmentalism and Education: Ice fishing clubs and organizations like Winnebago Waterways Alliance work to protect the lake's ecosystem, ensuring future generations can enjoy its icy bounty.

Winnebago's ice-fishing culture is more than just a winter pastime. It's a tapestry woven with shared passion, respect for the lake, and a deep sense of community. So, join the circle, grab a warm drink, and feel the spirit of camaraderie that thrives on the frozen heart of Winnebago!

Wisconsin winters are cold. Dress in layers and invest in quality insulated boots and gloves. Portable heaters can make your ice shanty comfortable and always bring along hot drinks and snacks to stay warm and energized.
Always check ice conditions before heading out, and never fish alone. Bring safety gear such as ice picks, a life jacket, and a throw rope. Be aware of the weather forecast and be ready to leave if conditions deteriorate.
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Fishing Techniques and Bait

The right technique can make all the difference in ice fishing. Jigging with live bait like minnows or using tip-ups can be very effective for catching walleye and perch. For white bass and crappie, small jigs tipped with wax worms or spikes can be irresistible. Experiment with different depths and movements to find what works best.

1. Jigging for Panfish and Walleye:

  • The Technique: This active method involves rhythmically moving a small lure or jig tipped with bait just off the bottom, attracting curious fish with flashes and vibrations.
  • Popular Baits: Minnows, waxworms, maggots, or plastic grubs tipped on jigs like Lindy Darters or Rapala Jigging Raps are irresistible treats for perch, crappie, and bluegill.
  • For walleye fishing, try tungsten jigs tipped with minnows or plastics like Gulp! Minnows fished near reefs, drop-offs, or weed edges can trigger strikes.

2. Tipping Up for Sunfish and Crappie:

  • Simple and Fun: This passive approach uses tip-ups, spring-loaded devices that raise a flag when a fish bites. Perfect for beginners and families!
  • Bait Bonanza: Live minnows are classic, but waxworms, maggots, or even small pieces of nightcrawler can entice sunfish and crappie.

3. Spearing Sturgeon: A Winter Ritual:

  • Unique Tradition: Held in February, this iconic practice requires skill and a special spearing license. Sturgeon rise through the ice holes, and a spearing strike takes precision and strength.
  • No Bait Needed: These prehistoric giants follow their natural instincts, lured by the light filtering through the ice holes.
  • Bonus Tip: Always check current regulations and bait restrictions before heading out! Local bait shops and guides are excellent resources for advice and the latest intel.
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FAQ Section

Q: What is the best time to go ice fishing on Lake Winnebago?

A: The best time for ice fishing on Lake Winnebago is typically from January to March, but always check the current ice conditions before planning your trip.

Q: Do I need a guide for ice fishing on Lake Winnebago?

A: While not required, a guide or charter service can greatly enhance your ice fishing experience, especially if you're new to the sport or the area.

Q: Can I rent ice fishing gear at Lake Winnebago?

A: Yes, several local businesses around Lake Winnebago offer gear rentals, from basic equipment to full shelters and heaters.


Planning an ice fishing trip to Lake Winnebago involves considering the best time to visit, locating hidden spots for catching fish, and ensuring you have the right gear and accommodations.

By following local advice and prioritizing safety, you can enjoy a memorable adventure on the ice. Lake Winnebago offers an ice fishing experience like no other, whether you're spearing sturgeon or jigging for walleye.

Ice Fishing in Lake Winnebago